Spy and track SMS & Text Messages

You reveal a lot about your personality and nature when you exchange text messages with other people on a daily basis. Sending a text message is therefore a very important part of communication because it can make or break your image in seconds. Stealthmate knows the importance of SMS too well and offers a solution that will empower parents and employers to know what information kids and employees are sending and receiving via SMSs. Our product offers the following benefits to you:

  • Get complete details of all sent and received text messages
  • Find out the identity of the person sending or receiving a SMS
  • Details of the exact time and date when a text message is exchanged will be shared with you
  • Receive SMS details of specific people that you wish to monitor
  • Get easy access to all text messages through your remote online dashboard

How Does SMS Monitoring Work ?

Once installed on android, iPhone, Blackberry or any other smartphone, the Stealthmate spy SMS software immediately reads all the SMSs stored in the device and uploads them to your personal online panel that you can access at any given time. The software then continues monitoring any messages sent/received from this point forth and regularly updates the user by sending the information to the online panel. Stealthmate also has the capability to keep a record of deleted SMSs.

Why do you need SMS spy for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and other

This feature was especially designed by the developers at Stealthmate to help concerned parents and employers to monitor the activities of their kids and employees. Since SMS chat has become a popular means of communication in the modern age, it can reveal crucial information about kids and employees. This feature can be used by parents to monitor the activities of their kids while an employer can utilize its unique options to prevent data leaks at the workplace. Our online control panel is designed in such a manner as to remain under the radar while providing efficient results on a regular basis.