Log Yahoo, MSN and Gmail Emails (Computer only)

Internet is a public utility and is used in both good and bad ways by users. If you are a parent who is worried for the safety of your kids or a confused employee wanting to check in on the activities of your employees, where would you go to seek information? Stealthmate is fully equipped with the right tools to help you gain access to these logs. Our specialized software will do the following things:

  • Access all sent/received emails
  • Receive regular updates on Inbox/Outbox activity
  • Know the identities of all email recipients
  • Receive secondary information that includes the time and date of the sent/received emails
  • Easy access to the logs through the online panel

How are Emails of Yahoo, MSN and Gmail Logged ?

The Stealthmate app keeps a close watch on the user activity by monitoring all the viewed, composed and sent emails from the target device. The information is then uploaded to the online dashboard and can be viewed by the user at their convenience. Also, if outlook express is configured, the app uses the configured email's server to obtain a backup of the associated emails which it then uploads to the online panel.

Make It or Break It Feature

When email account is accessed on laptop or PC, the Stealthmate software is especially designed to keep track of the activity and store vital information in its archive so that the user can view the logs later on. It doesn't matter whether emails are exchanged from a Yahoo, MSN, or Gmail account, Stealthmate spy app is the best available solution for you.