Keystroke Logging (Desktop PC)

Keylogging is one of the best ways to monitor activity on a PC. Stealthmate lets you keep a log of the keyboard strokes made on a target computer. Each keystroke that is made via keyboard over target computer will be logged and available over Stealthmate's dashboard. The key logging feature will let you:

  • Monitor every keystroke made on your Desktop PC
  • Time and date stamps of activity when the logs were made
  • Get case sensitive key logs
  • Get name and caption of the software used
  • Remotely monitor the key logs
  • View the logs remotely from StealthMate's control panel

How Keystrokes Are Logged ?

StealthMate can monitors all digital activities of a user by keeping a log of every key that is typed on computer. The copy of all keystrokes is then logged onto the user's dashboard so he can easily access the data that has been entered using a keyboard. These include passwords, usernames, chats, emails, search queries etc.

How Will It Help You ?

StealthMate provides you the kind of surveillance a professional detective does in real life. Since kids and teens interact socially on daily basis, the keylogger will help parents protect their children online. Be it verbal violence, internet predators, drug dealers, or even employees plotting up against your company, the smart keystroke logging feature will keep you informed at all times. Keystroke logging is completely fool-proof and self-sufficient in transferring the data over StealthMate's online dashboard with complete secrecy.