Spy Emails (BlackBerry, iPhone and Symbian)

Identify the black sheep in your organization by periodically monitoring their emails. You might get surprised what you find out. Stealthmate allows you to check all incoming and outgoing emails that the target phone sends and receives. With Stealthmate's email logging feature you can:

  • Read all opened or unopened email content from any email accounts     configured onto the phone
  • View contact details of the sender or recipient
  • Even get access to the drafts folder and view saved emails
  • See the time and date details to know when each email was sent or received
  • Monitor emails on Symbian, Blackberry and iPhone handsets effectively

How Email Logging Works ?

Stealthmate outruns the security measures of any BlackBerry, iPhone or Symbian smartphone and easily extracts logs of emails exchanged through these devices. The email logs are uploaded to Stealthmate's servers at regular intervals which the user can access anytime or from anywhere using an internet connection.

Here's Why You Need Email Logging

Employers can benefit from this feature greatly by keeping an eye on their employees' email activities. You can spot a cheating worker through email monitoring before hell breaks loose and any company data or sensitive information is leaked. Parents can also use this feature to track their teen's online activities. Once they find them involved with strangers or wrong crowd, immediate steps can be taken.