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Sent98222856241+12345678907I know we watch it2013-08-13 18:40:49
Received+1234567890798222856241Breaking bad is back on!2013-08-13 18:11:27
Sent98222856241+12345678907What? 2013-08-13 18:06:08
Received+1224820000098222856241Am I still canvassing for you today sir?2013-08-13 14:13:38
ReceivedRon Karda
98222856241When do you want to meet up2013-08-13 13:51:03
Received+1234567890798222856241It's not to fight, it's good news2013-08-13 12:02:18
Received+1468024680298222856241I still the car seat in my car & i have an envelope for u from Adam.2013-08-13 11:25:52
ReceivedGregg Milligan
98222856241I found a prime location for the billboard. Intersection of w. capital and n. 27th. Phone is 88122548777. I keep calling it but its busy.2013-08-13 10:51:59
Received+1234567890798222856241Can I tell u one thing that is not Lizzie related?2013-08-13 09:59:16
Received+1234567890798222856241Or 20202013-08-12 22:30:58
Received+1234567890798222856241I always told u I still wanted to be friends inspite of everything, guess that's not an option. Too much anger involved at this point. Maybe in 20162013-08-12 21:58:48
Received+1234567890798222856241Ok then, I'm sorry for the txt fight2013-08-12 21:57:12
Sent98222856241+12345678907I promise. I already started2013-08-12 21:56:33
Received+1234567890798222856241I will positively delete all our pics off the comp and burn the wedding album and DVDs. I promise I won't txt u anything unless its an emergency about Lizzie in the future. Just promise ull follow through w the Lizzie visitation and go back to work so were not living on the streets.2013-08-12 21:54:49
Received+1234567890798222856241Goodnite Kim2013-08-12 21:14:41
Sent98222856241+12345678907Think it all you want, don't say it. Now stop texting.2013-08-12 21:06:28
Sent98222856241+12345678907Not my problem, its not her fault! And protection? I paid to do ivf to have a baby with her! U even saw the charge for the fertility doctor! Don't want any photo of u and I. I don't want to remember our life together. Now try to move on and leave us alone! 2013-08-12 21:05:44
Received+1234567890798222856241I'm not like u, just able to ditch a life I started and only take an old photo album2013-08-12 21:04:34
Received+1234567890798222856241I'm hurt, betrayed, and I miss u like fuckin hell and u think I'm just goin to be able to heal right away2013-08-12 21:02:46
Received+1234567890798222856241She's the psycho jealous one, tell her to leave me the heck alone. She thinks that she can just erase our past and well never speak again bc she's never heard of not fuckin married men and protection?? I'm done mike I will save the shit talking but I'll always think it2013-08-12 21:01:52