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Computer Monitoring Software

Standing over your teen wondering why they keep minimizing screens every time you are around? Not sure how to manage a large department of employees who seem to waste time on their PC? StealthMate has just the thing for you. This all-in-one spy software is suited for Windows PC and MAC systems. You get all the information from your target systems instantly without having to stand over your target's shoulder on a constant basis.

Gmail Chat Logging

Keystroke Log

Computer Access Tracker

Location Reporting

Screen Shots

Facebook Chat Logging

Skype Chat Recording

The remotely accessible online panel is viewable only to you. It presents all the data and information that's been secretly captured from the target PC. The Monitoring software is one of the most sophisticated and advanced stealth tools around, yet it's extremely easy to use. It works round the clock, collecting data and information 24/7, so that you don't have to worry one bit.

Doesn't matter if you're trying to capture chat logs, emails, or check browsing history - StealthMate can tackle it all and more. You can get some of the most dynamic and useful features in the palm of your hand for as little as $ 0.50 per day. It's not only a great software, it's also one that's budget friendly!

Stealthmate provides comprehensive list of monitoring features for cell phones and computers. These features range from basic internet monitoring to advanced features like email monitoring and logging of all popular Chat Messangers. Following are details of all supported features

Monitor Chat Messengers

You can remotely monitor chat messengers on computers by using StealthMate Computer Monitoring Software.

Monitor Web Browsing

You can monitor internet browsing history of target phone and computer.

Monitor Emails

Get complete logs from the most popular email sites i.e. Hotmail, Yahoo! and Gmail! Easily view all emails on your online panel

Keystroke Log

Keep track of every single keystroke your target punches onto their keyboard of Windows or Mac Computers!

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Location Tracking

Stealthmate makes it possible to monitor location even if GPS is not present on phone.

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Let the app take automatic screenshots at intervals you've decided so you can see what your target is up to. Get complete information on all the programs they use and the sites they browse

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  • Rebecca

    Las Vegas, USA

    I was worried that the antivirus would sniff it out when I installed it on my son's Mac computer but the software is so good at hiding itself. I can't believe how many disasters I've averted with the help of StealthMate. From making sure he's not involved in cyberbullying to keeping him at home when he's trying to sneak out. I can keep an eye on my kid no matter where I am or how far I go. Being a single parent isn't always easy but if you use the Computer Monitoring Software you'll probably appreciate the support it gives you.

  • Tom Hanks

    Kansas City, USA

    This spy software is present on all employee systems which use Windows. We've recently employed an overtime policy and it helps us make sure that they're working and not chatting or wasting time while they bill us for the extra hours they put it. The management is very happy with its decision to get the software installed on all systems.

How it works
Sign Up:

After selecting the pricing plan that best suits your needs and making payment, your order will be processed immediately and a user account will be created for you.

Download and Install:

You will download and install StealthMate on target Phone/Computer by following the instructions given inside your user account.

Start Monitoring:

Once StealthMate is installed, you will be able to monitor all activities on target phone/computer remotely by simply logging into your user account at StealthMate website.

All Computers/Laptops with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and windows XP are supported.

All MAC versions greater than and equal to 10.6 are supported. MAC Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion are also supported.

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