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Cell Phone Tracking Software

StealthMate's cell phone tracking solution is well suited for both parents and employers. Its efficacy never ceases as it works round the clock, without taking a second off. Most trackers have trouble functioning because they're visible to the user of the phone, but that's not something that stops StealthMate which remains incognito throughout the time it's on the phone.

Call Details

Sim Change Notification

Picture Logging

Appointment Logging

Contact Details

Gps Location

SMS Logging

Internet History

Email Log

Every piece of data from a target's location is pieced together on a map in your online dashboard for your perusal. You can easily pinpoint the where, and the when, in real-time, or check up on it later at your own convenience. In times where the phone's GPS stops working, StealthMate's tracker continues to shine. By hooking onto Wi-Fi and satellite connections, it ensures that you keep getting the information that you need.

It's one of the most effective tools you can ever get your hands on. Why? Simply because it doesn't just track movement, it also tracks all sorts of data including emails, texts, calls, pictures, videos and a whole lot more. You can grab the budget friendly StealthMate tracker for as little as $0.50 a day and make use of some of the most sophisticated features around. Sign up NOW!

Stealthmate provides comprehensive list of monitoring features for cell phones and computers. These features range from basic internet monitoring to advanced features like email monitoring and logging of all popular Chat Messangers. Following are details of all supported features

View Sent/Received SMS

Get accurate detail on all text messages that are exchanged on the target phone. With accurate time stamps and contact info!

Monitor Contact and Calendar Details

Get every single detail associated with all contacts on the phone with our superior quality app

Monitor WhatsApp and BBM

StealthMate makes it possible to remotely monitor WhatsApp Chat Messages on iPhone and BlackBerry Messanger chat messages on BlackBerry Phones

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Monitor Web Browsing

Every webpage that's been visited on the phone can be checked from the comfort of your online dashboard

Monitor Calls

Get regular updates on all calls made and received on your target phone

Monitor Email

Sift through all sent and received emails in your targets inbox along with their complete information and content!

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Monitor Pictures

Doesn't matter how big or small a picture it. Doesn't matter if it's deleted right after it was taken. If your target phone was used to produce it, you'll find it on your online panel

Location Tracking

Stealthmate makes it possible to monitor location even if GPS is not present on phone.

Sim Change Notification

StealthMate can immediately tell if the SIM has been changed or taken out. You get instant updates straight away!

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  • Tania

    Montgomery, USA

    I am a single mother and discipline has always been a problem with my boys. They would lie all the time and I had no way of knowing where they were while I was at work. StealthMate doesn't just help me track them down when they're lying about where they are, it has also helped me avert disasters on several occasions. I now make sure they're where they say they are, and they're not talking to creepy people they don't know!

  • Fabio

    Indianapolis, USA

    Our company had this app installed on all sale staff phones. We've been able to cut down on revenue losses stemming from employees taking breaks, longer routes and going to places they're not supposed to visit. Our customers are happier because we make sure our sales staff ends up at their doorstep and that too on time - all thanks to StealthMate!

How it works
Sign Up:

After selecting the pricing plan that best suits your needs and making payment, your order will be processed immediately and a user account will be created for you.

Download and Install:

You will download and install StealthMate on target Phone/Computer by following the instructions given inside your user account.

Start Monitoring:

Once StealthMate is installed, you will be able to monitor all activities on target phone/computer remotely by simply logging into your user account at StealthMate website.

Android Supported Models

All Android based cell phones manufactured by all vendors like Samsung, LG, Motorolla, HTC etc on all Carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T etc are supported

Blackberry Supported Models

Mobistealth supports all BlackBerry Models except Z10 and Q10

iPhone Supported Models

All iOS devices whether they are jailbroken Or not jailbroken are supported.

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