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Cell Phone Spy

Tailor made to suit the needs of employers and parents alike, StealthMate's Cell Phone Spyware has all the features you'll need to keep a complete check on your target user. It takes a little bit of time to install the app onto your target phone but once you have done this, you never have to touch the phone again. All important data and information is stealthily transferred to your online dashboard, which is remotely accessible only to you.

Call Details

Sim Change Notification

Picture Logging

Appointment Logging

Contact Details

Gps Location

SMS Logging

Internet History

Email Log

StealthMate goes where most spyware can't. It can grab emails, texts, videos, pictures, calls, contacts and a whole lot more. Where others fail to work if the GPS fails, StealthMate has a sophisticated system which allows it to keep working through Wi-Fi and satellite connections. Location tracking is a breeze with every step being tracked on an online map for your convenience.

In just around $0.50, a parent can keep their teen safe and an employer can up the ante on their business productivity. StealthMate has the solutions to all your needs, so sign up now!

Stealthmate provides comprehensive list of monitoring features for cell phones and computers. These features range from basic internet monitoring to advanced features like email monitoring and logging of all popular Chat Messangers. Following are details of all supported features

View Sent/Received SMS

See every single text message on your target phone remotely!

Monitor Contact Details

All contacts from your target phone are saved to your online panel so you can check who's who in your target's contact list

Monitor WhatsApp and BBM

StealthMate makes it possible to remotely monitor WhatsApp Chat Messages on iPhone and BlackBerry Messanger chat messages on BlackBerry Phones

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Monitor Web Browsing

StealthMate will catch every single URL that your target visits and hand the list over to you!

Monitor Calls

All call logs within the phone, with time stamps, are delivered to your online panel by StealthMate Cell Phone Spy.

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Monitor Emails

You can monitor emails send and received using phones as well as computers.

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Monitor Pictures

All picture logs, including deleted pictures, are there for you to check on the online dashboard!

Location Tracking

Make use of the most effective real-time tracking and location history provider around.

Sim Change Notification

If the phone's SIM is changed you'll get an instant alert from the app!

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  • George

    Los Angeles, USA

    I needed an effective mobile phone software for my daughter's phone. I wanted to make sure she wasn't browsing the wrong kind of sites and staying safe while she was online. StealthMate did more than just put my discomfort to ease. It has helped me keep a better check on my daughter and keep her safe from all kinds of hazards.

  • Stella

    Chicago, USA

    The cell phone spy app that we got from StealthMate is being used on all sales department phones. We got the app to ensure that we knew the location of our employees while they were en route on official business. It has helped us ensure that they stay on track and not end up in places they're not supposed to be.

How it works
Sign Up:

After selecting the pricing plan that best suits your needs and making payment, your order will be processed immediately and a user account will be created for you.

Download and Install:

You will download and install StealthMate on target Phone/Computer by following the instructions given inside your user account.

Start Monitoring:

Once StealthMate is installed, you will be able to monitor all activities on target phone/computer remotely by simply logging into your user account at StealthMate website.

Android Supported Models

All Android based cell phones manufactured by all vendors like Samsung, LG, Motorolla, HTC etc on all Carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T etc are supported

Blackberry Supported Models

StealthMate supports all BlackBerry Models except Z10 and Q10

iOS Supported Models

All iOS devices whether they are jailbroken Or not jailbroken are supported.

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