Web Browser/Internet History Logging

By monitoring web browser history, one can have a safer environment at home or at office. Since individuals tend to clear browsing data from their phones, Stealthmate gets you the complete online activities occurring through any internet browser even those that have been erased. You can:

  • Get complete logs of websites which have been visited
  • Get regular update reports on periodical basis
  • Find out the number of times the URL has been visited
  • Get all the details including, date, stay time on the page etc
  • Gain easy access to complete browsing history through a personalized dashboard
  • View the logs regardless of whether they have been wiped out or not

How Does it Work ?

The software app keeps monitoring the web browsers and generates a local copy of all the internet activities. This local copy is then uploaded to Stealthmate servers where it is made available to user accounts at short intervals.

Who Can Get the Most out of It ?

If you are a parent then you certainly would want to know how much time your child spends being online on his phone. With Stealthmate you can ensure the websites he visits are safe for him. Being an employer, you can always have your employees on the lookout making sure the proper usage of the work phone is being carried out. Stealthmate gets you all the details of the web browsing activities.