Windows 10 Bandwidth Uproar: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Since the release of Windows 10, all we have been hearing is how good it is and how it improves the whole experience. However, it’s not all good news as the new operating system has brought forward some issues. One of the problems faced by the users who installed Windows 10 is the lack of bandwidth.

Right after installing the latest operating system from Microsoft, users started to experience slow internet speeds. Initially, users thought that it was some sort of issue in Windows 10, but that’s not the case. The reality is that the new OS is eating up your bandwidth and for the right reasons.

Microsoft Responds

After a large number of people reported this issue, Microsoft had to come up with a response and they did. The company revealed that this Windows 10 bandwidth issue is actually a new feature called Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO). It helps users in downloading the updates at a pretty fast pace.

“WUDO helps people get updates and apps more quickly if they have a limited or unreliable internet connection, and it doesn’t slow down your internet connection because it uses a “limited portion”.”

The working of WUDO is very similar to that of Torrents. You can also consider this new feature as seeds. You are always seeding through your computer and someone else is getting helped because of you. Same is the case with all Windows 10 users. They seed some, they download some.

Windows 10 is relatively new so a lot of fixes and changes are still being made. This means that the users have to install updates on regular basis, and that can get incredibly annoying for the people with slow or limited internet connection. WUDO comes in handy here as it makes the download speeds a bit faster for all users.

Disabling WUDO

It is a great feature, but users who don’t have unlimited bandwidth cannot seed all day. If you are amongst the users with lower bandwidth or if you don’t like WUDO feature at all, then worry not as Microsoft allows you to disable it. Just follow the steps given below and you will be able to deactivate this feature easily.

  1. Go to Start Menu and open Settings .
  2. Find and open Update & Security .
  3. Under Windows Update tab, open Advanced Options .
  4. Open Choose how updates are installed , and click on Choose how updates are delivered .
  5. In the menu, find Updated from More than One Place and turn it off.

There you have it. Just by performing a few steps, you can disable WUDO feature. However, you should disable it only if you are not able afford an unlimited bandwidth. This feature is designed for those with limited internet connection, and if you are enjoying a fast internet with unlimited bandwidth, then don’t be reluctant to help others out.

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