How WhatsApp Can Negatively Influence Your Kids


WhatsApp seems like a regular messaging platform where people can talk to each other, share images and videos, have discussions, etc. However, this app has a tendency to prove dangerous for kids, especially if they are in their teens and tweens. When given unsupervised access to these messaging platforms, kids obviously want to interact with each other, but in that interaction, they derail and succumb to the following threats.

Foul Language

In the beginning, your kid is likely to talk to their friends in a decent manner, just how you taught them. However, the privacy and freedom offered by WhatsApp eventually pulls them towards abusive language. It will all start out as a joke, but soon that same abusive language will become integrated into their routine conversations. You certainly don’t want your kids to go down this road, which is why it is advised that you seek help from a monitoring solution like StealthMate. With the help of this app, you can keep an eye on your kids’ WhatsApp activity at all times and if you notice that they or their friends are talking in a manner that is offensive and inappropriate, then intervene right away and stop it from going any further.

Adult Content

If you don’t keep an eye on your kids’ WhatsApp activity, then the likelihood is that they will soon start to exchange pictures and videos containing adult content with their friends. At young age, looking at porn can prove be quite dangerous and can lead to some huge problems like porn addiction. There are other things as well such as drugs, violence, discriminatory content, etc. that you need to be weary of. Only way you can save your kid from sharing or getting exposed to such content regularly is by seeking help from a monitoring app. Keeping an eye on their instant messaging sessions can enable you to proactively discourage your kids from indulging in anything that can create problems for them later on.


Another big problem that comes with WhatsApp is of cyberbullying. Your kids may start to receive threatening or insulting messages through the platform which will of course hurt their self-esteem and confidence. Both of these are key traits of success and when they are hurt at such a young age, it could really hurt their chances to lead a normal or successful life. The solution to this problem once again lies in monitoring app. If your kid is being subjected to hateful or hurtful attacks via WhatsApp, you will know about it right there and then, and will be able to come to their rescue. Always keep in mind that cyberbullying is extremely common these days and so you should never underestimate or undermine it as a threat to your kid.

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