What Are the Top Five Threats to Your Computer’s Security?


A computer threat is anything that can cause harm to your computer. It can take advantage of the vulnerability of security and then breach to cause serious harm to your computer system and the data stored in it. There are numerous computer risks and threats that can cause possible damage to your computer but we will only talk about the top five. Let’s see what are the top five computer threats and how harmful they can be for your computer.


This is the oldest and most popular computer threat of all times. It is such a kind of malicious program that is designed to replicate itself and destroy the computer without getting prior permission from the user. Once a virus is infused into a computer, it destroys it in such a way that the computer is not able to function properly after getting infected with it. It is only used by online hackers who seek revenge from someone and want to corrupt someone’s computer by all means.


A worm is one of the harmless computer threat that is designed only to spread. It surely is a malicious program that self-replicates itself once it is inserted into the computer. It does not need to attach itself to an existing program. With the help of a network or an internet connection, it sends copies of itself to other computers available on the network. It takes up most of the space on your hard disk or even bandwidth due to its rapid spread.


As the name indicates, this malware program is solely designed to spy on your computer. Once your computer is infected with it, spyware will most probably spy on your daily activity and will find itself a way to contact the host of this malware. Online hackers use this malware to find out victim’s daily activity so they can collect information and then use the same information against them.


A phishing attack is commonly used to trap online bank users. A fake website is created which looks exactly the same as the original one and then it asks users to enter information like username and password. The idea of this attack is to trick the users into entering their confidential information. This way the attackers can steal the identity of a user and misuse information. Every form filled and sent out from the phishing site will straight go to the attacker controlled server instead of the actual server.


This program keeps a record of every keystroke you make on your keyboard. It captures and records every keystroke and then sends the recorded data to a remote computer. It is considered as a very powerful computer threat because it holds the capacity to steal users’ login credential such as username and password, thus exploiting privacy of the users.

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