Top 5 Malware Protection Apps for Android

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It was reported recently that a new malware is brought to the web every four seconds. This research alone is enough to let you know the threat malware poses nowadays. With the increase in usage of mobile phones, especially Android phones, it has become easier for hackers to sneak into your devices through different links and apps. However, you aren’t completely helpless as there are some malware protection apps that can help you get rid of all kinds of malicious software. In this article, we will be sharing five security apps that can help you keep malware at bay.

360 Security – Antivirus FREE

The popularity of this app has been on the rise since coming into existence and for the right reasons. The app is used by a whole lot of users and they all seem pretty satisfied with the results they got. 360 Security – Antivirus FREE is one of the best malware protection apps around as it is pretty helpful for users that are downloading all sorts of stuff on the mobile but are unable to spot malicious programs.

Antivirus for Android

This is another great app that will help keep all kinds of malware at bay. It will remove all the harmful apps from your mobile phone before they can do any serious damage. This means that you will be able to rest easy knowing that your device is safe all the time. This app also comes in handy in case of theft because it allows you to block all the features of the phone remotely. So, if your phone gets stolen, you can just block it so that the thief will not have any use for it whatsoever.

Antivirus & Mobile Security

Just like the apps mentioned above, this one also takes care of almost all kinds of malware lurking on the web. It also allows you to browse the internet safely as the websites containing malicious content will be blocked. This is a really helpful feature, especially for the children who usually visit unknown sites which can invite malware to the phone. Some anti-theft features are also present in the app to make sure that your device stays safe in a theft situation.

AVAST Mobile Security

AVAST is a popular security app that has been getting rid of malware for the users for quite some time now. This app is now a go-to choice for a lot of users because it comes with a vast array of features that can cater to all of users’ needs. The best part of this app is its firewall service which helps in blocking software with malicious intent rather easily.

AVG AntiVirus Security

AVG is another popular brand which has been in the antivirus business since a long time. The app is quite helpful for the users who are looking forward to detecting and getting rid of all kinds of malicious software from their phones. AVG AntiVirus Security is fast and effective. The best part is that it is updated on regular basis, hence maintaining effectiveness against the new malware that arrive on the internet.

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