Top 3 Reasons to make a Switch to iOS 9

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iOS 9 has been here for a while, and although it may look like a revamped version of iOS 8 at first glance, it doesn’t take long to realize that it’s a completely new and significantly improved package. If you have not read much about iOS 9 security, battery life and other interesting features, then that pretty much explains why you haven’t switched to it already. Let’s take a look at the three most salient features of the newest iteration of iOS and how they make the upgrade worth it.

Provides Extra Security

Apple introduced 6-digit passwords in iOS 9 to increase security, as the longer string can have one million different combinations compared to 10,000 combinations in a 4-digit password. This makes it difficult for hackers to crack the code and get access to your device. If you are extra-conscious about the security of your device, then you must upgrade to iOS 9. The new operating system also got improvements in two-factor authentication for extra security.

Offers Increased Battery Life

Battery life is something that every person complains about, whether he is using an iOS or an Android. Luckily, Apple has come up with several interesting features that can increase the battery life of your device. Most of the iOS 9 users are unaware of light and proximity sensor. It is smart enough to know when your device is facedown. This feature stops the device from lighten-up on receiving a notification, as the screen is invisible to the user. This automatically saves battery life. But this is not it. There is also a Low Power Mode which, according to benchmarking tests, can add up to 3 hours of battery life. So, if you are hitting the road or are far away from a charging socket, then you may turn your device to Low Power Mode. It will disable all those less important features that consume battery like animated wallpapers, app refresh, motion effects, etc.

Requires Less Space for Updates

It is very important to install all the updates to keep the apps working in a good position, but every update requires at least 4.58 GB of free space. What if your device is already overloaded with games, music, holiday videos and much more? Well, you need not to worry anymore, as iOS 9, unlike its predecessors, only require 1.3 GB of space for installing an update. If, somehow, you do not manage to create this much space, then there is also an option to delete an app on temporary basis. The deleted app will be reinstalled immediately after the update has been installed, allowing you to keep your device updated without worrying about space.

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