Here Are Some of the Tips to Keep Your Cell Phone Safe


Your cellphone needs to be safe and secure at all times. It is needless to say that cellphones have become more previous than any other thing – even your wallet – in today’s age. It contains your sensitive information such as password protected accounts, private messages, and photos. It may also have direct access to your bank account. Therefore, its protection is very important. We may believe that while putting a four-digit passcode to our phone will keep its content safe from the outside world. However, that’s not true. You have to keep it protected even beyond the four-digit passcode.

We have listed down a few important tips that can help you keep your cellphone safe and secure. Let’s have a look at them.

Secure Lock Screen

This is one of the basic methods to keep your cellphone safe from hackers. There won’t be a single cellphone user who has not set up a lock on his or her cellphone. Enabling a lock to your phone will ensure its safety. Nobody could get inside your phone and invade your privacy if you’ve set up a lock on your cellphone’s screen. You may either protect your cellphone by setting a pattern or a pin. However, the most effective method would be to set up an alphanumeric password to your cellphone. Also, frequently changing your lock screen is recommended in case someone has spotted you while typing lock.

Update Software

Whether you’re using Android, iOS or Windows phone, we will always suggest you to get its latest software. Once you update a latest software into your cellphone, it becomes more secure and is less prone to attacks. Most manufacturers allow you to set your cellphone to check for updates automatically, therefore you need to make sure this box is ticked.

Download Antivirus Software

Who would want a malicious software to get inside their device and corrupt all the files stored in it? It would be anyone’s worst nightmare. To avoid your phone getting attacked by a virus, we recommend you to install an antivirus software into your cellphone. Apple phones do not have to suffer from this problem – thanks to the strict controlling of the App store. However, Android phones may have to face this trouble because malicious apps may be downloaded into the device without being properly checked by Google. You can find many good antivirus software in the iStore or Google Playstore that can help you keep your cellphone safe.

Do Not Download Apps from Untrusted Sources

It is highly advised not to download apps from unknown or untrusted sources as they may be dangerous for your cellphone. Such apps are most likely to contain virus that can be harmful for your device.

Do Not Root or Jailbreak Your Phone

When you have no knowledge or information about rooting or jailbreaking a phone, we would recommend you to stay away from it. Rooting your Android phone or jailbreaking your iPhone can be really dangerous, especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. This is because once you root your Android phone or jailbreak your iPhone, the OS is broken down and you get access to the basic code within. Once you get access, it becomes easier for the malicious code to make changes inside your cellphone. We would only advise you to go for this option if you’re familiar with the world of rooting and jailbreaking.

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