Steps To Prevent Your Phone From Getting Hacked

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Because of the News of the World scandal in the U.K, phone hacking prevention has become an important topic. Smartphone hacking is no longer only a concern for celebrities and instead now has the potential of attacking anyone who owns a smart phone. Some might say whether this is an actual problem for regular people however irrespective of what one may think, it is best to know what phone hacking really is and whether it is something to worry about or not.

There are generally two types of hacking which take place; one is hacking into a live conversation or into voicemail and the other consists of hacking into data which is stored on someone’s smart phone. It is mostly likely that the person who wishes to listen to your conversations or your voicemail or go through data on your phone is someone you know or perhaps have some grudge against you.

In the world of mobile technology today, phone hacking has actually become a growing issue. With people now beginning to store important data on their phones, the opportunity to exploit any weakness existing in the phone becomes very tempting, even to strangers. Opportunistic hackers tend to wreak havoc when they get their hands on someone’s smart phone and tend to delete all the data or perhaps even install malicious software to gather all confidential information of the person who owns the smart phone thus giving them access to bank account logins and perhaps even confidential emails.

With such instances happening, what can a smart phone owner do? For one, in order to be proactive, there are a number of measures which can be taken to protect your phone from getting hacked. For instance, never leave your phone out of your sight in a public place; make sure that you change the default password which comes with your phone to one which is a little more complicated; avoid making use of unprotected Bluetooth networks in public and turn it off when you are not making use of it and try avoiding storing important pin numbers or your credit card number on your phone.

If you are still concerned about your phone getting hacked, there are some further steps which you can take however these are likely to defeat the purpose of having a smart phone to begin with. These include avoid accessing important data through your phone while making use of a public Wi-Fi network; turn off the auto complete feature on your phone so that data doesn’t get stores and would have to be re-entered every time you might need it; delete your browsing history, cache and cookies so that no prying eyes can get a look into it; make use of security apps for further protection and lastly if you own an iPhone, enable the Find My iPhone feature from your settings which will help you locate your phone in case you misplace it or someone gets a hold of it.

Always remember that if you are so worried about your phone getting hacked; simply switch it off, at least for the night. This will allow you to sleep peacefully and not worry whether or not someone is trying to hack into your phone.

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