StealthMate: The Best Monitoring Solution for Workplace


It’s no hidden fact that employees waste a large chunk of their time in the workplace. In many cases, it involves the abuse of digital privileges. To control it, employers have to introduce multiple policies, and in some cases, they have to seek help from monitoring solutions. However, finding a tool that can actually provide all the details necessary is not an easy task. This is why you should just stop with your research and focus on one tool called StealthMate as it is the best monitoring solution for workplace.

Facebook Chats

Facebook enjoys phenomenon popularity, with over a billion users worldwide. Employees chat with their friends, colleagues, and family members through this social networking platform, which isn’t wrong, but when they’re at work, their focus should stay on the tasks assigned. However, that doesn’t really happen as the employees continue on to waste their time on Facebook. You cannot restrict its access in the workplace, but you can and should discourage its excessive usage through StealthMate. It can be a huge help with its Facebook Chat logging feature. This feature provides you details about all the conversations taking place on your employees’ Facebook, and if you see someone wasting most of their time on these chats, then you can take the necessary disciplinary action against them.

Keystroke Logging

Having an eye on Facebook chats is important, but that can’t really help in the long run. This is where you’ll need help from keystroke logging feature of StealthMate. This feature does exactly what it is supposed to. It delivers you details of each and every key typed on your employees’ computers. This is quite helpful and helps you know which of your workers actually stay focused on the assigned tasks. You can use it as a punishment tool or as a reward system, or you can combine both of them to get the best possible results.

Capturing Screenshots

Keylogger usually takes care of all the problems, but having a visual evidence of someone neglecting work for online entertainment and socialization is priceless. StealthMate offers you that as well. It takes screenshot of your employees’ computer activity on regular intervals, allowing you to see what’s actually going on. Combine screenshot with keystroke logging and you have one of the best monitoring recipe.

Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail

The aforementioned are the big three giants of emails and chances are that your employees use one of them regularly. With the help of StealthMate, you can keep an eye on these platforms as well in case you fear someone is leaking sensitive company information to competitors. All the emails sent and received through these networks can be read by you. Most of the communication at workplace takes place through emails, so having an eye on it certainly helps.

Skype Chat Logging

A large number of workplaces around the world use Skype as a tool for office chats, and you can monitor all of its activity as well with StealthMate. This is strongly recommended if you are annoyed by your employees engaging in lengthy Skype chat sessions, ignoring the assigned tasks in the process.
All of the aforementioned features are actually present in the solution and they all work flawlessly. So if you’re in dire need of keeping tabs on your employees, then you should look no further than StealthMate as it will cater to all of your needs.

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