How StealthMate Helps Employers Tackle Employee Texting at Work


Employee texting at work is a nuisance that is causing employers across the globe to pull their hair out in frustration. If watching the workforce sticking their faces into their cell phones is not annoying enough on its own, the impact it has on the workplace culture and productivity is making this practice even more unacceptable. After exhausting pretty much every option available to them, employers have finally discovered the perfect solution to the problem, StealthMate, a cell phone monitoring app available for all popular platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Detecting Excessive SMS Exchange

StealthMate makes it possible for employers to easily detect excessive workplace texting that the naked eye may have missed. Once installed on employees’ cell phones, preferably the ones given to them by the employer for work purposes, the app begins to log all incoming and outgoing SMS messages. These logged messages are then transmitted to an online dashboard, which the employer can easily access anytime from anywhere. If any employee is under the impression that they can safely indulge in excessive texting while ignoring their duties during work hours, then they are in for a huge disappointment. Escaping the watchful eye of StealthMate is almost next to impossible.

Punishing the Violators

Detecting the culprits of excessive texting in the workplace is only the first step. The most important step is to discourage this behavior. For that, StealthMate gives employers enough concrete evidence to determine which employee needs to be warned, reprimanded, or even fired. Everything from the contents of the text messages to their details such as the time and date, and name and number of sender or recipient is logged by the cell phone monitoring app and made available to the employer. From there, everything becomes really simple. The logged data can be assessed and those exchanging SMS frequently can easily be singled out.

Transparency in Official Action

Crying foul is not an uncommon phenomenon in workplaces. Almost every time an employee is taken to task and punished for something, they complain that they were treated unfairly. Having a transparent surveillance system can take this reaction away from them. With detailed information of their texting activity logged and securely stored online, they have little to no room to win the sympathies of their colleagues or malign the management in the eyes of the entire workforce by claiming victimization or something else of the sort. The amount of transparency offered by StealthMate really helps in ensuring that when an action is taken, it is considered just because of the evidence available.

Of course, SMS monitoring is not the only feature that StealthMate offers. For a complete list of features available and their details, please visit StealthMate’s official cell phone monitoring page at

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