StealthMate is Easily the Best Blackberry Monitoring App


Blackberry is often regarded as the securest mobile platform in the market, but that perception has clearly been challenged by the advent of monitoring app. There’s one such app in particular that has really made a strong impact in this regard; StealthMate. Having already made quite a reputation for itself through its high-quality monitoring solutions for Android and iPhone, it doesn’t leave much to be desired with its Blackberry monitoring solution either. In case you find that hard to believe, here’s a glimpse of what it’s capable of delivering on the said platform.

Get Complete Access to Blackberry Communications

Once you install StealthMate on the target Blackberry device, you are able to view everything from text messages, Blackberry Messenger conversations, call details, and even emails exchanged on that device from anywhere and through any device. You simply need to log into a secure online control panel using the login credentials provided to you at the time of purchase to get all the recorded digital communications at your fingertips. Some may call this snooping, but if you’re using the app to discourage your kids or employees from abusing internet and phone privileges, then you may simply identify it as a necessary precaution.

Remain Informed Through Detailed Location History

The location tracking feature of StealthMate is easily one of the best you’ll find in an app of its kind. It uses Blackberry phone’s built-in GPS sensors to get the precise coordinates and record them to serve them to you at your convenience. You’ll be getting complete details of where the target Blackberry device had been throughout a certain time, i.e. it’s location history, this gaining clearer insights into the target person’s whereabouts in the recent past. This feature is particularly helpful if you’re a parent or employer as it lets you keep an eye on your child’s or employee’s respective movements. This can come in handy in case of emergency situations in case of your kids or when you suspect a wrong doing on the part of your employees.

View Appointments, Pictures, Contact Details

If you think you’ve heard everything there’s to hear about StealthMate’s potential, then you may be surprised to know that we’ve simply scratched the surface of the Blackberry monitoring app so far. It’s arsenal of features is actually far bigger, consisting of abilities like logging appointments, pictures, contact details, and so much more. The intent is simple; to keep you informed of everything that’s done on the target Blackberry device. The scope of monitoring has been kept wide enough to ensure that you don’t end up missing anything important.

In case you want to learn even more about StealthMate for Blackberry, you may want to visit and get detailed information about what it’s truly capable of.

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