As a parent, are you concerned of your teen’s computer activities? Do you want to keep a track to whom your teen is communicating with on their social networks, text messages, or emails? Since teens are the most active internet users, they are, undeniably, more subject to a number of online threats such as cyberbullying, online scams, exposure to explicit content, etc. Due to an increase in online security risks and subsequent threats, it has become a necessity to secure your teen’s computer system and to thoroughly monitor their online engagements.

Furthermore, even at a workplace, you might be interested to know how much time your employee wastes on their PC. To monitor your employee’s performance, or to save your teens from the hazardous space of the digital world, you would definitely need a good computer monitoring software.

Speaking of, StealthMate is, undoubtedly, regarded as one of the best computer monitoring software. It can be used to monitor your child’s online activities and can also be beneficial when installed at a workplace. This spy software is well suited for both Windows PC and MAC operating systems. You can remotely monitor everything from your target computer system without having to stand over their shoulders all the time.

So, what does StealthMate really do? What are its features? Why is it considered the best computer monitoring software? Let’s find out!

Monitor Chat Messengers and Emails

After downloading and installing StealthMate on a target PC, you can remotely monitor the chat messengers such as Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Skype, as well as emails stored in that particular target PC. Whether you want to observe your teen’s online communication or spy on your employee’s activity, this computer monitoring software can work best for you either way.

Monitor Web Browsing

By installing StealthMate on your target computer, you can closely monitor your child’s internet browsing history. Find out what your teen is searching on the web. If they’re viewing adult content, then stop them immediately. Similarly, you can easily find out which websites your employee surfs on the web while being at work. You can immediately issue them a warning letter if they’re found viewing websites for their own entertainment.

Keystroke Log

One of the wonderful features of StealthMate is that it helps you to keep track of every single keystroke your target punches onto their keyboard of their computer system. Whatever your target types can be easily identified with the help of this computer monitoring software.

Location Tracking

StealthMate lets you monitor the location of your target even if GPS is not present on their mobile phone. For instance, you can trace your teen’s location with the help of installing this monitoring software.


You can get complete information on all the programs your target uses on the computer and the sites he or she browses on the internet. StealthMate makes you take screenshots at intervals set by you, enabling you to see what your target is up to.

StealthMate is, unquestionably, the best computer monitoring software that works around the clock, collects data and information 24/7, and is easy to operate. Furthermore, it is also budget friendly. Yes, you can easily afford this monitoring software at a very economical price.

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