Stealth Wearable? Nike & Apple Might Have That

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There seems to be some interesting news that will make most of us feel like we’re transcending forward into the world of sci-fi. It seems that Nike and Apple are working on wearables that are super stealthy. This would be an interesting shift for Apple which only recently rolled out the Apple Watch into a market where people don’t particularly care much for watches.


The big story

The Guardian recently highlighted Mark Parker’s (CE Nike) hint at something that is in the works because of a collaboration with Apple. It is a wearable device that is going to have more stealth than other pieces of tech that one can wear. Nike itself isn’t new to the concept of wearable tech as it has released multiple tools for tracking health and fitness – most of them wearable. Parker seems to think that the geeky kind of wearable stuff that we are all so fond of is on its way out.

This makes sense since the next frontier would have been to make wearable tools more functional and better crafted aesthetics wise. This apparently means that the wearable will also become a bit more stealthy. You might know that you are wearing a tracker, but no one else will be able to tell because the tracker doubles as a beautiful tie – or maybe not a tie per se, but something else. We will be seeing more clothing and accessories that are rigged with something like this and some people might even rejoice at the idea.

Potential problems

At present most trackers or wearables that we see are fitness based and they take the form of a wristband. Even Apple’s watch is actually worn around the wrist. Smarter and smaller sensors mean that they will be integrated in a more efficient way. This seems like a great idea but how will people minimize the security and privacy risks involved?

Google glass is also an example of wearable tech and we are yet to find a way to reconcile the privacy and security issues that come hand in hand with that tech. how do you know when someone snaps a picture of you? Are they making a video? Are they uploading information that they shouldn’t be? These are questions that Google hasn’t yet found real answers to – and the likelihood is that Apple and Nike haven’t thought about this much either.

There is a new kind of digital era that is coming up, and one that will most likely really mirror a sci-fi book or movie that we one saw. But till we can figure out a way to evolve digitally without messing up the security and privacy aspects of our digital use it will be no use. Right now there’s no actually timeline for the Nike/Apple collaboration to bear fruit so we have to wait and see what they come up with. But hopefully whatever it is, it won’t be much worse than the digital tools and services we already have at our disposal.

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