Staying Safe on the Cloud

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Whether we like it or not cloud services are here to stay. They pack a great punch in terms of utility and not many of us can avoid using them at some point or the other. However, with one breach after the other many people are left wondering whether they should steer clear of cloud completely. With almost everything else that is digital and useful there come a plethora of security risks, and cloud is no different what we can do is keep a check on our cloud habits so that we don’t compromise our own privacy and safety in the process of using it.

Don’t Tell the Cloud

It isn’t possible to not use the cloud for storage, but it is possible to not use it to store extremely sensitive data and information. This is a step, which you should in fact, take for all your sensitive data. Whenever you are storing private information online, do so with a grain of salt.

Educate Yourself

The user agreement will tell you a lot about how a cloud service works. A lot of people aren’t entirely sure about how to use a specific service, or what they are even signing up for because they never bother reading the agreement. Sure, it’s not easy getting through the documentation but you will be glad that you did once you’re through. You can essentially also find out the process through which data is kept secure, and if you aren’t happy with said process then move along to another service.

Your Password Is Key

Don’t use weak passwords on cloud services, just don’t do it. So many of the breaches that we have seen happening on cloud services are due to bad passwords. Around 90 percent of all passwords take a few seconds to crack. So if your password was weak to begin with then the service isn’t at fault, but you totally are.

Encrypt All the Way

Encryption is your best bet at keeping your data safe and secure because it makes things harder to crack for the hacker. Encrypt your files before moving them to the cloud so that it isn’t that easy to open the files even if someone was to gain access to them. This sounds complicated but it really isn’t. Zip up your documents and add in a password before uploading them – it’s that simple.

Cloud Padlocked

You can use encryption on your own or you can actually opt for a service that is offering an encrypted experience. Wuala and Spideroak are two examples of services that offer just this to their users. Remember that at the end of the day it is your job to be the more alert party because it is your data that will land in a hackers hand when it all goes down.

Being smart about security and privacy is not really an option anymore, it’s starting to become a way of life. Be it cloud services or anything else, this is the reality that we live in.

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