The New Selfie Drone – Menace Or Blessing?

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The trend of selfies isn’t one which seems to be going out of fashion anytime soon. Due to this perhaps the Nexie is working on making the process of taking a selfie even more effortless. It is working on a wristband which contains a little camera equipped drone. Anytime you wish to take a selfie and a perfect one, the drone would be there by your side. While it does sound pretty neat, when you really think about it, it’s actually quite scary.

The idea is still a conceptual one but when it becomes an actual product, imagine what would happen. The concept was able to win $50,000 at a competition called the Intel’s Make It Wearable thus the fact that this concept could become a product isn’t one which is too farfetched. At the moment, everyone is simply waiting for the product to come and with an idea this grand; it’s likely it will be out pretty soon.

The wristband drone by The Nexie is literally going to fly off and capture the frame and even let you decide if that is the shot you want before it actually takes the picture. You would no longer have to put in the effort of making sure everyone is fitting into the picture and all those issues. It certainly sounds to be a good trick right? However imagine if the drone is being controlled by someone else and pictures are being taken while you to do something else. Similar to the Google Glass, The Nexie too poses security threats which are quite severe and which pose to be of concern.

The idea of a flying drone which takes pictures at the will of those controlling it is a concept we are already familiar with as such drones collect footage for media channels and for other research and more. However a drone which is small enough to fit onto someone’s wrist will also be small enough to be detected by someone who is looking in the right direction. The Nexie still has a number of things to figure out and at present, finding a way to make sure that people who make use of their products aren’t using it to invade the boundaries of others is at the top of their list.

In a world which is so highly digitized, the concept is one of the best to come up in quite a while. People aren’t going to stop taking selfies and capturing moments which are important to them. To make the process a more efficient one makes complete sense however in such a digitized world where people have begun to become aware of how vulnerable they are when wired or when others around them are wired, it doesn’t seem very safe. With products like this, the potential for problems is great.

If security and privacy concerns regarding the product are taken care of, this could certainly end up becoming a revolutionary piece of hardware created solely for the purpose of taking selfies.

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