Security Updates Simplified By Microsoft’s MyBulletins

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Every user of Windows is likely to be receiving updates from Microsoft regarding security measures and safety for your computer. Lately however Microsoft has launched a service which is known as the MyBulletins which has been designed to streamline the process of security updates for Microsoft branded software’s.

For a number of users, making use of the security updates offered by Microsoft is one of the best ways of keeping their computers secure and safe. It ensures that their computers are protected from harm with the best and most update security features which are provided by the company itself. However for small businesses whose employees might become admins of computers as well as users, MyBulletins can come in handy. It is designed to help in taking the guesswork out of the complete process.

The basis for it is quite simple; all admins are required to do is visit and to sign in using their Microsoft account. Once they have done so, they need to choose which software they need to worry about for example Microsoft Exchange or Internet Explorer to give you an idea. At this point, Microsoft will then create a dashboard which will be customized and will be contain updates which would be tailored according to the needs and requirements of the admin or the individual who may have set it. The idea behind this is that the person having put in the preference will then receive updates and details he/she may need and will be able to make use of it and deploy it as and when needed. This will ensure that security updates being provided by Microsoft would be those which are suited best to the admin/individual who has set in the preference and would increase the security and safety of the computer for his use.

The director of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Tracey Pretorius wrote in a blog that in order to develop MyBulletins, they asked whether anything could be done differently so that the security bulletins could be applied in an easier manner on the computers. She also wrote that they are aware that not every product as part of the monthly security bulletin would be working in a user’s environment. They got information from users that they wish for the ability to go through the complexity in a much quicker manner and to be able to make their decisions faster; they wanted help with identifying information which was most relevant to their organization. Tracey wrote that they heard what everyone said and acted upon this feedback and thus MyBulletins was created for exactly this purpose.

MyBulletins isn’t something for everyone. Being a consumer, Microsoft will automatically send updates to you which you will need for your computer which you can easily install from the Windows Updates as long as the option has been switched on thus make sure to switch on the feature in Windows if you wish to receive these updates. However if you have developed custom applications and wish to test them against the most recent security updates or which to filter out any noise, MyBulletins might be something for you to check out.


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