Samsung Turning To BlackBerry For Better Security

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The rise of Android smart phones led to a decline in BlackBerry however now the latter is counting on the former to ensure its future. Recently it was announced by BlackBerry that Samsung would be making use of server and phone management software along with BlackBerry’s unique global network to improve the security for its Android phones and tablets which are aimed towards government users.

A Long History In The Making

For a long time, animosity has been seen between the two companies that when making an announcement in San Francisco, the president of BlackBerry’s corporate and government services unit John Sims joked about how improbable it was for both the companies to share the same stage.

BlackBerry has boasted about its software and network as well the hardware used in their phones which provide a level of security for government and corporate users which its competitors cannot meet. By opening some of these components to Samsung may now erode some of the sales advantage held by the company.

The two companies, no one would ever thought would come together, are now ready to collaborate. And if all things go as planned thing could potentially serve as a new age where Android based devices are actually secure and not hiding from some potential threat or the other all the time.

A New Dawn

The principal of Jackdaw Research, Jan Dawson stated that the move by the company was one which couldn’t be avoided and is likely to be positive for the company. It shouldn’t be considered as a defeat of any kind because most people aren’t going to be choosing BlackBerry devices so this is a way chosen by the company to make its management solutions to be relevant beyond their own devices.

The recently made chief executive of the company John S. Chen said that he planned on shifting the focus of the company to service and software. He promised that the annual software revenue of the company would reach $250 million by next year. BlackBerry has been trying to find ways to keep its head out of the water and this collaboration just might be the break that it is looking for. Samsung has been able to tap into what the customer wants, unlike BlackBerry who has been left stranded because of that very reason. On the other hand Samsung has not been able to deal with security flaws, which is not the case for BlackBerry at all.

Samsung will be using a form of software by BlackBerry called the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 12, which was introduced recently. He acknowledged that the previous management software of the company disrupted the flow of business with government and corporate customers. The new version now adds further security features which allow users to control and manage wireless communications with devices beyond mobile phones. It will also work on iPhones, Android phones as well as older models of BlackBerry and Windows 8 phones. The subscription fee for the software ranges from $19-$60 a year for every user which is important for the sales goals to be met.


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