Risks of Using Low-Quality Monitoring Apps on your Phone


You might be in need of a monitoring app to keep an eye on your kids’ or employees’ mobile activities. Of course, there are plenty of options in the market. Unfortunately, the sheer amount of choice has resulted in confusion as not all monitoring apps are worth investing in. In fact, if you end up opting for a low-quality app, then there’s a possibility of you losing far more than your money. Let’s take a look at several risks that can arise from a half-baked monitoring app.

Risk of Inefficiency

The main purpose of monitoring apps is to log someone’s digital activities and send you a report containing detailed information. However, a low-quality app simply can’t offer such proficiency, which means that you would have wasted your money for nothing. You won’t be able to acquire the level of insights that you were hoping for. Not only that, the app might keep on crashing, or keeping its only useful features locked behind a pay wall. All of these are the risks that you take when you settle for a low-quality app. You have already paid for it so instead of moving on to something better, you keep on dishing out money on the same mediocre app for little to no real value.

Risk of Losing Personal Information

The developers behind low-quality monitoring apps are often aware of the fact that their tool is lackluster and isn’t capable of competing with rival apps. Rather than focusing on improving their app to make it more competitive in the market and appealing to the potential customer, they start using their product as information bait. They set up a great-looking website, portray their app as the best in the business, make big claims, and invest a little on its marketing on different platforms. Those who take the bait become convinced that it’s an app worth buying and so head over to the purchase section on the app’s website. To make the purchase, they’re required to provide their personal and sensitive information such as name, email, credit card number, its expiry date, etc. When in wrong hands, this kind of information can be abused in plenty of ways and can lead to financial, personal, and even security complications.

Risk of Data Exploitation

Monitoring tools are capable of watching all your digital activities, including your call logs, web history, pictures, and SMS conversations. If any of those contain something that can be exploited, then it will be. People who sell low-quality apps usually aren’t the most professional lot, which is why you should expect them to deploy underhand techniques to get as much money out of you as they can. If it requires them to fish for embarrassing photos, sensitive messages, or anything else that can be used for blackmail, they’re unlikely to abstain from doing that. You certainly wouldn’t want such a shady team gaining unsolicited access into the device of people you wish to monitor, e.g. your kids or employees.

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