Review Of ESET Mobile Security For Android

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It can be very tricky to evaluate antimalware programs for cell phones. Android which is being based on Linux is considered to be an operating system which is more vulnerable to malware and a more open system compared to iOS however attacks are still not too common.

ESET's Mobile Security for Android which costs $19.95 annually and which is currently on sale for $9.95 is amongst the top rated anti malware applications for Android. Over the last 4 week test period, it managed to detect 100 percent of the AV-TEST’s representative set of malware apps. While it wasn’t the only application which managed to do this well, perfect is still perfect and there is a number of other anti malware applications which aren’t close to perfect. While a number of users have not heard of Eset, it is a well known vendor amongst IT circles and has got a great reputation.

It consists of a number of Mobile Security features and apart from the normal active and passive scanning, users also get access to the web portal by Eset where they can lock down their phone or get rid of the memory if the phone gets stolen along with manage it through text messages. Through this, users can also get a great deal of information such as IP addresses and GPS which give hints regarding where the phone has been in case it has been misplaced or stolen by someone. Furthermore, the access is controlled by a password. The web portal also comes with a social media scanner which searches for wrong things which may be posted by bad people on Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Another feature found in the app is a device audit which shows what kinds of apps are allowing access to your device along with providing the kind of access they are allowing. An SMS filter blocks texts to be received from unknown users while allowing people who you know to have access. Another list is available for anti-theft features which doesn’t allow anyone to trash your phone while they text you. Eset also gives users a phishing filter which protects against websites which may contain nefarious content.

Performance wise while hits weren’t noticed while surfing or during everyday use, the device was also not attacked by anything so the verification of its performance ought to be left to Eset. A number of people have a great deal of respect for the company as it is and always has been considered to be amongst the top in terms of providing protection and has been quick to respond to new threats. While the software is not cheap, the best is rarely ever cheap.

Thus, considering the features the Eset Mobile Security has to offer, it is definitely something which Android users should give a try. Every device needs protection and with such exceptional features being offered, it is unlikely to go wrong. Get your device and data protected and you will end up being happy to have made the decision.

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