PS4 vs Xbox One: Who Has the Lead?

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The schoolyard debate about which gaming console is better maybe old but it can still start a rumble in a matter of minutes. The release of current-gen consoles once again set off unending arguments between enthusiasts who are going the distance to prove their gadget of choice triumphs all. With Nintendo’s Wii currently struggling to gain a foothold in the cutthroat world of gaming, it is down to two top dogs: Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Almost nine months after their release, both consoles continue to sell like hot cakes and offer content that is sure to keep their legion of fans coming back for more. However, one clear winner has emerged. According to a comprehensive poll conducted by Gamespot, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is being favored by both hardcore and casual gamers as the console that will take up that proverbial spot in their media center for this console cycle.

Despite both consoles starting strong out of the gate, it was PS4 that took the lead doubling in sales this past January. Here’s a look at some reason why Sony’s flagship product deserves to be crowned king:

Exclusive Games

Sure, the Xbox One has Titanfall, but can the sci-fi shooter really be considered an exclusive title? The developer is already keeping his options open about what platform to publish the highly anticipated sequel raising eyebrows about the franchise’s exclusivity. Furthermore, the only notable exclusive games that came for the console’s previous iteration – the Xbox 360 – were Halo and Gears of War. That track record has thrown loyal fans off who want an exclusive library of Xbox One titles.

The PlayStation 3, on the other hand, boasted several exclusive titles on launch which helped them develop and retain new customer base. The console featured renowned exclusives like The Last of Us, Uncharted, God of War, Beyond, Dragon’s Crown and Puppeteer to name a few. With developers like Naughty Dog, Gorilla Games, Sucker Punch Productions and ThatGameCompany already on their portfolio, the PS4 was more likely to feature exclusive titles which gave the console an edge over the Xbox One when it came to customer’s purchase intent.


Popular opinion is that the PlayStation 4 has more firepower as compared to its rival. However, benchmarks state otherwise. Despite minor differences the consoles feature pretty much the same processing power under the hood – which essentially means that games look equally good on both consoles. That being said, the legendary Hideo Kojima stated that his next entry in the epic Metal Gear series will perform better on Sony’s hardware. Similarly, there’s been a lot of argument surrounding Call of Duty: Ghosts which runs on a higher 1080p 60fps resolution on the PS4 compared to Xbox One’s 720p. Now even though Xbox One is fully capable of running the game on par with its counterpart, the developers didn’t fully utilize its horsepower, giving customers a perception that Microsoft’s offering is weaker on the hardware side thus affecting sales.


The Xbox One was marketed around its voice control system – a feature that most gamers don’t usually care about. Moreover, the voice response controls are accurate 60% of the times thus forcing people to use their controllers every time it gets the input wrong. PlayStation 4, on the other hand, has gone back to the basics shifting the user’s focus to games instead of novelties which aren’t really required for now.

As far as subscriptions are concerned both the Xbox One and PS4 require an online connection to game on the Internet. With PlayStation 4, however, one also gets access to a library of free games. The option is currently missing on the Xbox One. Furthermore, the developers are testing an app which will allow PS4 to run classic PS3 games – a feature that has caused PS4 sales to skyrocket.

PlayStation 4’s success has not spelt failure for Xbox One in anyway. The console wars are more of a marathon than a sprint. Xbox One might be trailing now but things can be different tomorrow. One thing is certain; the adventures set in digital worlds are getting bigger and better.


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