How Parents Can Ensure Their Teens Safety on WhatsApp


WhatsApp is a most popular messaging service that allows you to exchange text, picture, audio, and video messages over the internet. It is not only widely popular among elders but younger generation as well. Teens obsession with WhatsApp is increasing manifold. As soon as their parents gift them a new phone, WhatsApp is the first app they are inclined to install. Most of them try to move away from social media platforms like Facebook and use a more private communication medium such as WhatsApp. However, they may not realize how potentially dangerous this private messaging app can be for them. Online predators, after getting access to their mobile numbers, get in touch with them and engage them into inappropriate and exploitative conversations. Moreover, the predators can also know about their target location and phone contacts with the help of this app.

With the advancement in technology, parents can monitor their teens messages on WhatsApp and know whom they’re communicating with. There are a lot of ways parents can keep their teens safe from the hazards emanating from the app. Let’s find out how parents can protect their teens on Whatsapp.

Monitoring App

We highly recommend parents to get a mobile monitoring app, especially StealthMate because it lets them remotely access all text messages present on WhatsApp. They can read out the entire conversations taking place on the app and know whom their teens are communicating with and what sort of messages are being sent and received. This way they can ensure their teens safety on the app.

Turn off Location

There is a location feature on WhatsApp that reveals the exact location on the map where any given photograph or video was taken. It is important for parents to make their teens realize why turning off this feature is necessary. Once this feature is turned off, nobody from their contact list can know where or when a picture or video was taken by them.

Change Privacy Settings

Parents should make sure their teens have set accurate privacy settings on their WhatsApp. The default privacy settings of WhatsApp allow users to see your teen’s profile picture, read their status, and also check their last read or last seen messages. Parents should advise their teens to change their privacy settings to stay away from any online danger. Similarly, share settings can be changed from ‘everyone’ to ‘my contacts’ only. If your teen wants to stay away from receiving inappropriate messages from an unknown person, they can also block that certain contact from their WhatsApp.

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