A Parenting Guide to Protecting Kids from Pedophiles on Skype


Like adults, kids too have taken quite a strong liking to Skype. They use it for their regular conversations and to video chat with friends and family. Seeing how much interest Skype was garnering from the younger crowd, pedophiles saw it as an opportunity and hence made their way on to it as well. Now they are always on the hunt for kids who are easy to manipulate. Unaware of the danger lurking on the popular video and voice call platform, unsuspecting and gullible youngsters fall for their trap and end up getting in trouble one way or another.

You obviously don’t want your kids to land themselves in such an ordeal, but protecting them can prove really hard if you don’t even know what they’re doing on Skype or who they’re talking to. They could be talking to anyone and about anything, and you won’t even know about it.

However, there is no need to remain in the dark and keep on feeling helpless any longer as monitoring solutions are there to help.

Detecting Troubling Signs Through Deeper Insights

Monitoring solutions allow you to see each and everything your kids do on their computers and cell phones, which includes Skype activity and conversations as well. It provides you details about each and every message they have sent and received. If you come across a conversation that seem to be with someone you are unfamiliar, and the language they are using is too intimate, then you should investigate. That person is more than likely to be a pedophile. However, there’s no need to deal with them face to face. Just report them to higher authorities to have them put behind bars.

Identifying Pedophiles

Even with the help of monitoring solution, identifying a pedophile in time can be a lot of trouble. Your kids talk to a ton of people and knowing which one of them is actually a pedophile hiding behind a fake identity is no walk in the park. However, we have outlined a few signs that can help you identify pedophiles.

  • Act too friendly and sweet, and are willing to talk about everything with them;
  • Ask questions about sex like it’s a normal thing;
  • Have a little too much knowledge about each body part and biological functions;
  • Urge kids to share the changes in their body;
  • Continuously ask kids to meet at a non-public place;
  • Gain sympathy by sharing an emotional story;
  • Ask kids to video chat with them wearing inappropriate clothes, or nothing at all;
  • Have a lot of time on their hand.

The aforementioned clues will surely help you determine if a pedophile is in contact with your child. As stated earlier, don’t try to deal with such a person on your own. If you confront them, then they might leave your kid alone but go after a new target. You certainly wouldn’t want that, would you?

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