What To Look For In Parental Control Software

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If you are a parent and you need to keep a check on your teen then there is a very high likelihood that you are either considering a parental control app or software or you have already used it but aren’t sure that it is delivering the results you need. The one mistake parents make is thinking that parental control tools are easy to pick up, they aren’t. Like any other app or software you should only get the one you need. But what do you need?

Every Teen Is Different

Every child is different and every teen (or tween even) is not the same. Some parents need to make sure their child isn’t bunking school while others have to check tabs on whether their kid is being bullied. Those are two different problems and they can’t be solved with the same solution. Of course some apps come fitted with multiple features, but you won’t be able to figure out which ones  you need unless you do a little bit of research.

  • Tracking: apps for GPS tracking will actually let you pinpoint with almost precise detail where your teen is headed. You can actually check out on an online map where they are and where they have been. Parents with teens that are bunking school, hanging out in dangerous areas, etc. can use apps with this option to stay in the know.

  • Communication trackers: be it a text, call, contact or email, these apps will generally be able to tell you who your child is talking to and when they interact with them. Parents who aren’t sure if their children are being bullied can use this, cyberbullying can also be found through the same route. And stranger danger alerts are never better than these alerts.

  • Social media problems: if you need to make sure your child is safe on social media, not over sharing or being stalked then an app that deals with social media might be the one for you. In some cases cyberbullying entirely takes place on social media so this is another feature that’s very helpful if you’re trying to curb it.

  • Recording surrounding:- This is a feature that few apps offer as a standalone option, most apps will actually offer this and other features together. You can listen to your child’s surroundings live or record them for later. If you aren’t sure of whether they are keeping good company or not, or indulging in risky behaviors then this is a great tool and can be of significant help.

There are many apps that will offer a combination of these features, and some that will offer just these. As a parent you need to chalk out a monitoring plan and method for yourself and see which of them you will actually end up needing. Remember that you shouldn’t go overboard and start recording every single detail of your child’s life as that can leave them feeling alienated and boxed in. the point is to keep them safe not make them feel isolated.

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