Parental Control: Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

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With cyberbullying, stalkers, and a whole host of other problems waiting for your children online it doesn’t surprise anyone when people go to large lengths to keep their children safe. The problem however is that most parents don’t know where to draw the line. Should they be going as far as they do when they monitor their children?

The Bad Side

Protecting your child has to come with a price. At times that price is their sense of identity. When you keep an eye on every single thing a child does then you are putting them at a risk of not developing properly. Some research has also recently suggested  that spying on kids actually has the opposite effect of what parents intend. They are most likely to indulge in behavior which is harmful because they are not as assertive against peer pressure. When faced with other kids who want to indulge in harmful behaviors, they are not firm enough and don’t know how to say no.

What Can’t Be Ignored

That being said turning a blind eye to a whole host of problems like cyberbullying for instance is not a good idea either. In many cases the child is not able to actually find a way to confide in the parent and let them know that they are in trouble. They feel shame and they feel as though they cannot talk to anyone about whatever they are experiencing as well. There have been several cases of parents finding out too late the kind of torment that their child was going through. Some children have ended up killing themselves because of what the abuse makes them fell. Cyberbullying is also not the only problem that’s at hand, a child can get into a lot of other problems.

What Should A Parent Do?

Parents need to find a balance between the two. There is no possibility of parents keeping their children safe online if they don’t even know what they are up to. There have truly been cases where parents were left wondering what went wrong because of cyberbullying and stalkers. The ideal thing to do is to build trust with children and let them know that there is an app on their phone. It is there for their protection and safety only. By developing a relationship with the child a parent can actually do more to keep them safe. If you children feel betrayed and do not think they can trust you then not only will they not tell you when there is an actual problem, they will also react and try to do things they are not supposed to be doing in the first place.

Making sure that kids stay safe is the ultimate priority for all parents. But making sure that children are kept safe from external dangerous is only effective they there are not being damaged internally as well. Parents therefore should always aim to find a balance in whatever they do.

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