Best Monitoring Software for Mac 2015

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There are a large number of monitoring solutions available for home and official use. Every service provider claims that his monitoring software is better than others. In a situation like this, it becomes very difficult for us to find out top monitoring software that meets all our requirements. If you are looking for this year’s most efficient, reliable and easy-to-use monitoring software for Mac machines, then you are at the right place. We’ve handpicked five of the smartest software that we could find on the internet and reviewed them to give you a better idea of what they’re capable of.

Spector Pro

Spector Pro saves every keystroke, including email addresses and passwords. It also keeps record of Skype and Gmail messages and emails. Apart from this, it also monitors the online activities of the user, including websites visited and activity done on each website. The interesting thing about this software is that it allows you to monitor Mac OS from remote areas. You can also block websites containing certain keywords with this software.
Price: $99.95 (12 months)


mSpy is a user-friendly monitoring software available at affordable rates. It is compatible with Mac, computer and mobile phones and it literally records almost everything from emails and messages to keystroke, browsing history and geographical location. You can even view the target users’ address book.
Price: $59.99 (12 months)


Stealthmate is also one of the leading monitoring software that is equally popular among parents and employers. It offers a huge number of services at a reasonable price. It logs all information of user’s email and social media accounts. It also blocks unwanted content from the internet. It’s distinguishing feature is that it can also act as a recording device. Apart from this, it has a user friendly interface and it save all the images, videos, Skype and Gmail messages, emails and much more.
Price: $79.99 (12 month)


Refog can be used for local as well as remote monitoring. It keeps track of every single website being visited. It also takes screenshots randomly which is a plus point, as it enables you to know whether your kids and employees are doing what they are expected to do or if they are just wasting time online. It comes with the keylogging ability as well. It is monitoring and spy software. If you want to monitor the employees secretly, which by the way is highly unethical, you can activate its stealth mode. However, it is highly suggested letting employees and kids know that you are monitoring their online activities.
Price: $59.95 for monitoring 1 computer and $99.95 for 3 licenses


WebWatcher is also very popular software for keeping tabs on a Mac machine. It hardly takes 5 minutes to install. Its developer claims that it cannot be tampered with. It usually performs all activities silently without letting the user know, but still it is always better to inform them about it. It keeps record of all online conversation and also has the capability to blocks websites.
Price: $99.95 for 1 Mac
Now you know top monitoring solutions for Mac, so pick the one that meets your monitoring requirements and falls within your budget. Do not rush to the final decision very fast. It’s always best to check the free version or have a free trial period before buying the software.

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