Monitoring Software is a Great Way to Curb Workplace Data Leakage Threat


As a business owner, you must be well aware of the time and hard work it takes to keep the company afloat in a competitive market. Even a small mistake can mark the end of everything. Knowing that, you have to be extremely cautious. However, you can’t always have an eye on everything, and that is precisely what employees may take advantage of. Some of them waste time at work, whereas some of them take things too far and leak sensitive information to your competitors for financial gains. Incidents of data leakage have started to happen way too often due to an easy access to technology, especially web-connected devices in the workplace, and the culprits behind those incidents have mostly turned out to be employees. Although you can’t completely eliminate the threat, you can minimize its probability by deploying monitoring solution like StealthMate in the workplace. How it can help reduce the chances of data leakage at work has been explained below.

Serves as Eagle Eye

If you start to investigate each and every person for fraud yourself, then you will get nowhere. This is where role of monitoring tool comes in. It serves as an eagle eye and keeps an eye on every one of your employees on your behalf. It records each and every keystroke, allowing you to know what your employees have been doing on their computers. If they are wasting their time or are in communication with someone suspicious, you will get to know about it. This will allow you to deal with them before they can deal a heavy blow to your business.

Find Culprit Through Facebook Chats

Facebook has become a major source of communication these days and there is a possibility that your employees may be using it to get in touch with your competitors. They might cut some sort of a deal, in which they hand them the sensitive information and get money in return. Instead of waiting them to strike first, you should keep tabs on the Facebook chats through a monitoring tool. This way, you will see each and every message that has been sent and received through the platform, allowing you to see who your employees are talking to, what they are talking about, and if they are involved with one of your competitors.

Visual Proof of Everything

Monitoring tools generally come equipped with the screenshots feature that take a new picture every few seconds. This means that there is a screenshot for almost every activity that’s being performed by your employees. If they try to deny their crooked practices, then you can show them the visual evidence. It’s not only a good way to prevent them from dodging a bullet, but is also a great way to find someone who might be planning to leak company’s information. By looking at each and everything your employees are up to, you will be able to find the culprit (if there is one) quite easily.

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