Why You Should Be Monitoring Employees’ Skype Conversations


Running an organization is no walk in the park, a fact that is known by employers all too well. They have to work day in and day out in order to stay competitive in the market and even then, they can’t be sure if their endeavor will bear fruit. Employees, on the other hand, don’t normally share their interest in the success of the company, at least not to the same extent. As a result, they might not take their work seriously, and it is very much possible that they may even try to talk other workers into not taking their tasks seriously as well. Most of the office-based conversations take place on Skype, so as an employer, you must monitor Skype conversations through the use of surveillance software to detect negative influence and any other attitude that may take a toll on your company’s operations and mission. Here is what you need to be keeping an out for.


At workplace it is pretty common for the people of same nature or the same job to join hands and have each other’s back whenever things go wrong. Now this may seem like an act of unity from the employees’ perspective, but as an employer, you really should be concerned about such collusions. If one of the employees from the colluded party is given a leading position at a company, then they are likely try to get their friends promoted, and the people who actually worked hard and deserved the promotion would be left behind.
These colluded individuals always have their own interest in front of them and aren’t genuinely concerned about the good of the organization. At first, you may not realize it, but you will soon start to realize how they’re abusing their power and manipulating the people around them. It’s very difficult to find what kind of collusion employees are going to form, and this is where monitoring Skype interactions can prove real handy. It enables you to keep an eye on what’s being conversed between the employees, allowing you to single out the bad apples and take care of them before they can do any serious damage to the company.

Time Wasting

Employees waste a chunk of their time visiting social networking sites, but they eventually get back to work. However, with Skype at employees’ disposal, they continue to converse with other employees the whole day while ignoring their work in the process. Allowing this to continue can really make your business bleed, though it may be some time before you may start to realize it. Therefore, it’s best to keep an eye on the VoIP and instant messaging tool. This may not enable you to identify employees spending an excessive amount of time on Skype, but would also discourage them ignoring work.


Not all employees are loyal, and it’s very much a possibility that some of them may capitalize on an opportunity to indulge in corrupt practices whenever they can. However, corruption in a big company cannot be done alone, so they would certainly involve others. As Skype is one of the most popular mediums of conversation in most organizations, it’s highly likely that they will convey their plans to each other through it. Monitoring Skype conversations in workplaces is an ideal way to mitigate the risk of corrupt employees expanding their circle.

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