Monitoring Apps for iOS 2015


Technology has taken hold of the businesses and the culture of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become a regular practice nowadays. Although, BYOD has its fair share of advantages, but it also has certain disadvantages which can affect the company. Most common problems of BYOD practice are the viruses and the data loss. The device is relatively safe in the office, but as soon as the employees leave the building, the risk of data loss and viruses increase by quite a margin.

Due to this reason, multiple monitoring apps have been developed. These apps keep an eye on the employees’ devices and will let you know of the activities that are being performed on them. However, with hundreds of monitoring apps available, it can get difficult for the employers to decide which app to go for. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore because in this article, we will shed light on five of the best monitoring apps available in the market.


This app is capable of offering you some peace of mind as it contains almost all the features that are required to monitor your employees. These features include calls monitoring, text monitoring, email monitoring, events monitoring, information about the internet usage, and a lot more. mSPY is best known for its incredible and informative support team. If you encounter any problem while using the app, you can ask the support. If you are really worried about your data and want to keep it safe, then MSPY comes highly recommended.


This is another great app used for monitoring on employees. It will allow you to keep an eye on the activity performed on the employees’ mobiles and computers hence keeping you updated. Furthermore, this app will help you track the location of your employees. This can come in handy for courier businesses or some other companies that require their employees to leave the premises during office hours. Some of the aforementioned features like call monitoring, email monitoring, picture monitoring and text monitoring are also part of this app. You can just sit in your office and remotely monitor everything that’s going on in your organization.

Highster Mobile

Almost all the features mentioned in the above two apps are included in this one as well. Moreover, it contains a stealth camera that will help you in keeping an eye on what the employees are doing. All media files, emails, calls and SMS can also be tracked with the help of Highster Mobile. There’s also an address book access in the app that allows you to take a look at the employees’ contact list. Website block function is not present in this app, but you can monitor what your employees are doing which is a big plus.


When it comes to monitoring, this app goes quite in detail and digs in deep to get the information needed. It will allow you to record live chat, make a spy call and record it, gain access to messages, address book and emails. That’s not all as Spyera also features access to Skype and Facebook chat, and it will also notify you whenever a SIM is replaced. GPS location tracking is also present along with the remote control feature that helps you control everything on others’ phones without having to access it personally. It’s a great app and if you really want to dig in deep, then you cannot go wrong with Spyera.


This app has a lot of exciting features that will make your job as an employer a whole lot easier. It will help in keeping tabs on WhatsApp messenger which has been used worldwide. It will also allow you to take the picture from others’ phone if you think that’s necessary. Furthermore, it has location tracking, call recording, text monitoring and almost all the other features that are mentioned above. All of the apps mentioned above have their certain advantages and features. Now, you as an employer will have to find the one that suits your company’s needs.

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