Monitoring Apps: Is it a Healthy Trend?

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The use of monitoring apps like StealthMate is becoming increasingly common in homes and workplaces. The trend seems to be growing as the time passes, but the question is “is it really a healthy trend?” To be precise, ‘yes and no.’ It is a healthy trend if the users don’t cross the line. For example, an employer in an organization should go for a monitoring app when he/she is looking to ensure that the employees in his/her company are not wasting their time on non-work related activities and ignoring pending tasks. And in the case of parents, they should only use it to make sure that their kids are not putting their own safety at risk by engaging in harmful and or inappropriate activities. If these are the conditions, then this trend can be allowed to go on. However, as soon as the limits are crossed, it becomes a harmful trend which can do more harm than good. In this article we will discuss a few ways where monitoring literally turns into spying and affects the whole purpose of a monitoring app.

Going Overboard in Employee Monitoring

Businesses are increasingly relying on monitoring apps to keep check on their employees, but things tend to really get out of hand when employers start to snoop into their employees’ personal accounts and profiles just because they are able to do that. This is an unhealthy practice and can not only anger the employees, but also hurt their morale.

As an employer, your responsibility is to run your company and make your employees feel like they are a valuable asset for the organization. If you treat them as second-grade people and start to spy on their personal activities, then there’s a strong chance for them to start searching for ways to get back at you and the company in general, or begin hunting for a job elsewhere.

Parents Shouldn’t Take It Too Far

Some parents are naturally over-protective, which isn’t exactly a bad thing, but they also have to keep in mind that their children have personal lives too. Some of the elements of their privacy can be invaded through monitoring apps, but going all in and leaving giving them no space might work against you. At young age, kids can get involved in some harmful activities, which is where a monitoring app will come in handy as it can warn you of the risk before it gets too late. The usage of this kind where you are just looking at your kids’ locations and blocking certain websites is fine.

However, as soon as you start to snoop into their personal messages and social networking profiles, things can get ugly for both you and your children. They might stop trusting you afterwards and will certainly find different ways to slip past your watchful eye. This is why it is advised that you only seek help from a monitoring app when necessary and remember to not go overboard just because you have control.

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