Kids and the Abuse of Privacy in the Digital Age

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Children demand privacy, but when it is finally given to them, they are often found guilty of misusing their privileges. They get involved with people who are way older than them, read about drugs and become curious to the point where they actually try them out themselves, get addicted to porn, etc. Fearing the safety of their kids, parents turn to computer monitoring software for help. However, kids refuse this proposition because they prefer their privacy over safety. In the aftermath of this munity and consequent victory, they feel free to indulge in inappropriate and risky behaviors and activities. Let’s take a closer look at some of these behaviors and activities.


Kids that get their hands on web-connected gadgets at an early age without any fear of accountability and little sense of responsibility can be quite inconsiderate and insensitive online. They find other complacent/innocent kids on social networking platforms and try to demean them at every opportunity they get. There have been many incidents where cyberbullying went so far that the victims ended up committing suicide to escape the nightmare.


This is another activity that kids regularly indulge in upon being granted privacy. With no one to stop or advise them against it, it slowly becomes an addiction that then proceeds to take control of their thoughts and distorts their perception about love, relationships and the opposite gender. They develop certain expectations from their partner and when they are not fulfilled, they get frustrated and eventually leave their partner.


This is one of the biggest issues nowadays. Kids have been getting attracted to drugs as soon as they leave for school. Most of the movies and TV shows show drugs as part of a cool and rebellious lifestyle, and kids, being naïve and immature, get inspired and addicted. The worst part is that parents cannot do anything about it because they let their kids win the tug of war for greater privacy.


Now that kids have been given mobile phone and privacy, there’s no stopping what they say or do on their phones. They get involved with the opposite gender and with their developed fetishes from watching porn, they indulge in sex-related messages, also known as sexting. This kind of behavior at a young age is really harmful for kids, causing them all sorts of problems in their personal and social life.

Children sure love privacy, but as a parent, you should first be the judge of whether they’re ready for it or not. Of course installing a sense of responsibility in them and teaching them about online safety and dangers is your job, so make sure you do that first before giving in to their demand for greater privacy.

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