How to Keep Your iPhone 7 Safe and Secure?


Mobile security is quite a sensitive issue that concerns most of the users as well as the companies making them. The tech giant, Apple, also has serious concerns regarding the security of its iPhone. To ensure complete security of their products, Apple works meticulously to improvise and upgrade the security measures for all of its products, making it harder for the hackers to hack the iPhones.

We will be sharing some important tips on how you can keep your iPhone 7 protected from hackers. Apart from protecting your phone from the physical damage, you need to keep its data and privacy safe from other people. Here’s how you can keep your iPhone 7 safe and secure.

Enable passcode and Touch ID

To keep your iPhone secure, you need to enable passcode and Touch ID in the settings option. You can set up a four-digit numeric code, six-digit numeric code or a stronger alphanumeric code in the settings option. Enabling this setting will help to ensure the security of your iPhone. You may also use Touch ID to keep your iPhone safe. It’s a fingerprint sensing system that is already embedded in iPhone 7. With the help of Touch ID, you can access your iPhone securely.

Turn on Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone feature is the one that acts really helpful if you happen to lose your iPhone by any chance. With the help of built-in GPS, it’s easy to track and find the exact location of your lost iPhone.

Enable Erase Data

When you enable the Erase Data option which is located in the settings, passcode and Touch ID, it automatically erases all the data from your iPhone after ten unsuccessful attempts.

Use Safari’s Privacy and Security

This tip is particularly useful when you’re surfing the web on your iPhone 7 via Safari. Users love surfing the internet on their iPhones, however, they need to keep in mind that during this process, the entire web history, cookies, and other information about your web browsing may get recorded and also tracked across the internet. Therefore, you need to make sure you’re having safe browsing on your iPhone. Simply go to Settings of Safari and then click on Privacy and Security. Once you’re there, just turn on Do Not Track and Fraudulent Website Warning. Beware of getting your iPhone connected to a treacherous network.

Avoid Phishing Scams

Never think of opening any suspicious website or links. You may not know what’s hidden inside the link. Also, avoid opening links present in untrustworthy emails. Someone might try to get your information.

No Jailbreaking

A jailbroken iPhone is easier to be hacked than a non-jailbreak iPhone. Therefore, to keep your iPhone secure and safe, you need to avoid jailbreaking it. However, if you still want to go ahead with jailbreaking your iPhone, you need to make sure you’ve installed a powerful antivirus software on your iPhone prior to jailbreaking.

Encrypt the Backup of Your iPhone’s Data

Once you sync your iPhone 7 with your computer, the data from the phone is also stored on the computer. This indicates that someone could easily get access to the data from the computer. If you wish to keep the stored data safe and secure, you need to encrypt the backup in iTunes while syncing your iPhone 7.

iPhone Security App

Always use the best iPhone security apps to keep your phone safe and secure from the hackers.

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