Improvement In Android Security Apps

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Windows definitely doesn’t have the same kind of threats that Android faces, there is no reason to just sit idle and worry about nothing. Complacency helps no one, especially not in the digital age. If any malware applications affects your phone, your phone will be in great trouble irrespective of whether or not the malware is a common one or not. The AV-Test Institute rated 31 security applications of Android and it was found through their rating that these applications are effective even more then when they were tested last.

The CEO of AV-Test Institute, Andreas Marx felt the rate of malware protection of the products rated were all in a good range having a detection rate of an average of 97.6%. This applied to all products except one which had a protection rate of 5.12%. He also stated that the range of products that is currently available generated a much lesser number of false positives i.e. the number of files which were valid but detected to be harmful, and totaled at 7, compared to the test conducted previously in which there were 36.

The Score

According to the test conducted by the Institute, every product had the ability of earning 13 points in total in which 6 were for meant to protect from malware, 6 were for usability which combined low false positives and low performance impact while 1 was for any extra features which includes encryption, anti-theft and blocking of calls. According to their results, 14 out of the 31 different apps managed to attain a score that was satisfactory i.e. a 13 point score.

For any product to be certified by the AV-Test,  scoring 8 points or more is required. Every product except for one which was the Jarviz, met an exception. Jarviz, an Indian based product, had been included as part of the testing procedure for the very first time. Jarviz was unable to make the cut as it scored 0 for protection and 6.5 in total.

On the other hand, G Data managed to recover very well from a poor rating in the testing that had been conducted before. In the previous test, the product had earned 3 for each usability and protection. By getting 1 point for the features that were extras, the product had managed to earn 7 points however this time around; the product achieved a score of 13 points.

A Few More

Apart from this, other products which managed to score well were the F-Secure, Bornaria, Ikarus, and Comodo. These managed to increase their ratings by 2 points. For further details, the full report can be obtained on the website of the AV-Test. The editor’s choice of products for anti-virus in Android devices consists of Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus and the Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus.

Getting the right app isn’t just a matter of reading a few user reviews on the Play Store. Any security app that can make long lasting security possible will have to be one that stands the test of time, and stand the test of testing itself.

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