How To Guide: Is There Spyware on Your Phone?

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From scheming partners to employers who tap into things they should stay out of, there are a lot of ways, and a lot of people, that could be spying on your through your own phone. However, finding out if you are being tracked or tapped by someone isn’t all that hard. All the signs are right there on your own phone for you to see.

A Word of Caution

Many spy apps work extremely well when it comes to covering their tracks. The likelihood is that you won’t be able to  find them simply by going through your app list. What you need to do instead is look for clues that your phone is leaving behind for you. While some spyware apps can be really good at hiding themselves, there are literally none that can hide themselves a 100% from the person whose phone they have infiltrated.

If you do have spyware on your phone you should notice some or all of the following signs

  • Your phone lights up even though you haven’t touched it or left an app in use.

  • There are odd beeping sounds emanating from your phone and you can’t figure out where they are from.

  • Your phone restarts at random without a warning and without a reason

  • Despite charging your phone often and leaving no apps in use your phone almost always seems to run out of battery exceedingly fast.

  • Even though you have battery your phone just shuts down sometimes.

  • You pick up your phone after using it hours ago and it feels as though it’s been on a stove.

  • Clicking, static and beeping noises in the background whenever you try to make a call. 

  • Finding texts that you never sent or received in your inbox and outbox.

  • Despite not using your internet all that much you somehow have managed to use up all your data package.

  • Your bill indicates calls that you never made or texts that you never sent.

A spyware app can actually manipulate a lot of your phone’s functions. It can not only run up a bill with several calls and texts, it can also eat through your data package because it constantly needs to relay the information that it is recording on your phone to an online server that can be accessed by the person who installed the app on your phone.

The key is to figure out how and why your phone is behaving in an odd way. In most cases you can explain the lapses because of some reason or the other, but if they begin to happen at the same time then you might have a spyware problem that needs to be dealt with. The two easiest things you can do to stay secure is to first ensure that you do not root or jailbreak your phone, and then follow that up by ensuring that you don’t let anyone have unmonitored access to your device.

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