How Employee Monitoring Helps Productivity in the Workplace


Employee monitoring has really taken off in the past couple of years. The main reason for that is that it works. Employers want people to come to work and focus on the assigned tasks. However, that is often not the case as employees waste their time on visiting recreational websites, holding personal chats, watching random videos, or listening to songs. All of these activities are contagious. When an employee observes that their colleague is wasting their time and getting away with it, they start doing the same. This goes on and on until almost everyone’s infected, which results in poor performance of the company.

That is the main reason why companies have been viewing the prevalence of technology in the workplace as a challenge rather than a blessing. However, now things are beginning to change as employee monitoring tools are around to help overcome the challenge and maintain desirable productivity in the workplace. Here’s how they achieve that.

Monitor Cell Phone and PCs

With the help of a good monitoring tool, you are able to keep tabs on almost each and everything happening on your employees’ work phone PC. If they are visiting non-work related websites or are texting someone, you will know about it instantly. Same is the case with other activities they perform. It basically gives you control over your employees’ digital usage, which means that you don’t have to go from cubical to cubical just to see what everyone is doing. All the information you need regarding cell phone and PC usage will be presented to you upfront through monitoring solutions.

This helps you single out the time wasters and penalize them. Seeing that the time-wasting is being punished, other employees will automatically fall in line. They will focus on the assigned tasks, this becoming more productive.

Reward System Through Employee Monitoring

With monitoring tools, you can see almost every smartphone and PC activity. This allows you to see what your employees are up to, but why stop there? Why not turn it into a reward system?

You can bring in a policy that says people who work hard would be rewarded. With all the information that you are getting through monitoring software, it won’t be much of a problem to identify the deserving employees. You will be able to see which of your employees are actually putting in hard work and would be able to reward them quite easily. This will serve as a motivator for others to start putting their heart and soul into work, hence increasing company-wide productivity levels.

Tracking Location as a Way of Increasing Productivity

In companies where employees have to leave office premises on regular basis, it can become quite difficult to keep them from wasting time on non-work activities.

However, with location tracking feature of monitoring apps, it no longer is a problem either. You can see where your employees are at all times, and if they are found to be making unofficial stops and wasting their time there, then you can penalize them. This will compel employees to remain productive even when away from work premises.

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