Best DIY Security and Spy Cameras

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Not only do DIY cameras give us greater control over sections of the house we want to monitor but also allow us to install each device according to our requirements thus saving us the hassle of buying subscription based services. That being said, the cameras and their associated apps differ greatly. While some are capable of streaming live video, others only record a clip when they detect motion. Some save all the footage to local storage whereas others upload it to the cloud. Here’s a pick of some of the finest DIY cameras currently available that can meet your advanced surveillance needs as well as beef up your security:

Archos Smart Home Starter Pack

Archos’ DIY camera comes equipped with an Android tablet hub, several temperature and motion detectors and two battery operated cameras. Adjusting the cameras on their metallic platforms to optimize viewing angles is quite easy which makes it possible to hide the device away from prying eyes. Though the Starter Pack doesn’t offer live streaming it is capable of recording video every time it detects motion. This not only helps preserve battery life but also records motion-based video that saves the hassle of skipping to the important bits.

Bot Home Automation Doorbot

This is a tiny doorbell with big surveillance features. The Doorbot records live footage when it detects a presence at the front door. It then sends a push notification to the companion app which allows the user to see who’s there. The device also allows a two-way conversation with the person at the door thus allowing the user to decide whether to permit entry or deny it. This feature alone makes Doorbot a handy app for working parents with young children.

iControl Networks Piper

iControl Network Piper is a security apparatus that houses a camera, a siren and several sensors that can differentiate between ambient light and motion. The device allows the user to conduct surveillance activities through live streaming and sends an alert when it detects something shady. Though there is no local storage option to save video, Piper does, however, stores up to 1,000 video clips to the associated cloud service for free.

Manything, iOS app

The next entry in the list is not actually a device but an iOS app that can turn any iPhone, iPod or iPad into an instant security camera. Despite the absence of tangible hardware the app does provide very handy features for instance live monitoring, motion-based alerts and the ability to access the iDevice’s flashlight to detect activity in the dark. Manything also enables the user to set up motion zones in the house to monitor specific areas more than the rest.

Oplink Security TripleShield

The TripleShield is the Swiss army knife of DIY surveillance equipment. The bundle includes all the usual contraptions plus a couple of night vision cameras. If an alarm is triggered the device automatically records video and sends it to the companion app present on the user’s phone. In addition to broadcasting video to a mobile device, the app also allows the user to view both live and split screen video to instantly monitor multiple areas of the house.

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