The Damaging Effect of Monitoring on Employees

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The competition has been increasing in the market and survival for organizations has become a challenge. Due to this reason, employers are always looking for different to increase the overall output of their company. One way to achieve that is by using monitoring apps such as Stealthmate. These apps are installed on all computers at office and then the employers can see each activity being performed on them. If they see an employee wasting his/her time instead of working, they can deal with him/her accordingly.

Although employee monitoring has its advantages, it also has certain disadvantages, especially if the people being monitored see it as an invasion of privacy. Things can go wrong incredibly quickly if the whole surveillance process isn’t handled with care. Employees can possibly start to feel agitated when they are in office, which can consequently affect the overall performance. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which workplace monitoring can affect employees.


Monitoring on employees is good and even acceptable to a certain extent, but if you start to invade their personal space, then there’s a huge possibility that it would be met with resistance. If they are not happy about their employers snooping into their personal space, they can get demotivated, which in turn may hurt the company’s performance. If it’s absolutely necessary to monitor the activities of employees, then it must be ensured that their personal space is respected, at least to some extent.


The core purpose of installing monitoring software like Stealthmate in workplace computers is to discourage employees from wasting their time on non-work-related activities. Unfortunately, employer going through the private conversations of his/her employees is not something unheard of. This is a blatant breach of privacy and is completely against the spirit of workplace monitoring. It’s imperative to stick to the purpose, as swaying from it would cause anxiety among employees, making it hard for them to concentrate on work.


Every now and then, employees need to take a break from work to refresh their minds. They usually do that by visiting social networking sites. This is a completely normal behavior now. However, if they fear that every single move of theirs is being watched closely by their employer through the digital tool installed on their computer, they may feel paranoid and avoid opening their social networking accounts. This may initially sound like a positive thing, but with employees not a tired mind is unlikely to deliver desirable results.

There is no denying the merits of employee monitoring, but only if it is done the right way. This involves seeking the permission of employees, assuring them that their privacy would not be invaded, and giving them an honest explanation on why the measure is being taken. If any of these things is skipped by the employer, it can cause a serious blow to the overall performance of the company.

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