How To Keep Your Credit Card Details Protected While Shopping Online

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There is no better feeling then getting a good bargain online through online shopping however falling victim to credit card fraud is not a good feeling. There are a number of high profile breaches which have occurred this year alone which is why it is always a good idea to remain alert while you use your credit card online. The following are some general tips you can use for safe shopping.

  • Only enter your credit card details on sites which re secure: look for websites having an https connection in the URL along with a padlock displayed on it to ensure that the website is secure. Only then should you enter your credit card details. Furthermore, do not send in your credit card details via email

  • Have a separate prepaid card for your online transactions: if you wish to keep your activities online separate from your daily activities, it is a good option to buy prepaid cards. These can be purchased online or from brick and mortar retailers for a small fee. Such cards allow a set amount of money to be loaded while you make a purchase. One of the biggest advantages of using such cards is that even if the details of the card were to be compromised, there is a limit to the amount of money which would be taken

  • Keep a check on your statements for any unusual transactions: a number of banks now have sophisticated systems to monitor and detect fraud and if any kind of unauthorized card use takes place which is why it is important to keep an eye on your financial statements online and on paper.

  • Turn on your credit card’s additional layer of security: this additional level of security is not enabled by default so check with your bank to see if the option is available for you to make use of.  Some banks also have their own safeguards and verification systems which may include the bank sending a onetime PIN or security code to your phone as a second layer of authorization

  • Keep a check on your browser settings: make sure to turn off your browser’s settings which allow it to store your credit card details or any other personal information. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer all have the option to disable the option of auto-fill which will automatically prevent your details from being stored

  • Be sensible about how and where you use your card: protect yourself from falling victim to such problems by preventing the retailer to store your credit card details on file if this can be made possible. It is always a better idea to punch in your details every time you make a purchase. It is also a good idea to have a separate password for every online retailer. Also make sure that you do not type in your card details in public where people can easily glance at your screen and note down your details

  • Use another service for ease: Blur offers a service which allows an additional level of security to be added between you and the retailer. For a premium, the subscribers can also get masked credit card features which will generate a new number every time a purchase is made. Such services which offer additional security features will help in you stay safe while you make purchases online and will prevent your details to be recorded or for you to fall victim to such traps.

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