Cell Phone Trackers: An Employee’s Nightmare


Installation of cell phone trackers on company-owned devices is definitely the worst nightmare for employees as these apps don’t just track their location, but also reveal a lot of information about their performance, daily routine, and loyalty towards the organization. The trend of using tracking apps is increasing among employers. Here is what you should be ready for in case your boss is planning to install a cell phone tracker on your device.

No More Short Breaks

Cell phone trackers put an end to buying grocery, picking up kids from school, visiting a friend and all other activities which you do when away from office premises due to official business, as your boss is watching your every single movement. This may be irritating, especially when you are used to taking short breaks during field visits or making a delivery, but doing this can threaten your job. Don’t forget that some tracking apps can keep a record of your location even if you have disabled GPS on your device.

No More Excuses

Gone are the days when excuses like “I was stuck in traffic” or “Sorry I had to rush to the hospital” could save you from the wrath of your boss. If you used to tell a lie to your employer to avoid getting reprimanded after arriving late for work, then it won’t work anymore as your location reveals it all.

No More Misuse of Company Perks

It must have been fun for you to drive around the city with your romantic interest on a car given to you by your employer for work purposes, but you can no longer abuse this perk once a tracking app is installed on your mobile device. No matter where you are, your boss will always have an eye on you. So if you are supposed to be at once place, but have taken your partner to a shopping mall instead, then you will definitely have a lot of explaining to do once you return to work.

No More Disloyalty

Loyal employees always have a good place in the eyes of employers, but it is not easy to get into the good books of the boss. You have to prove your loyalty by staying honest and working hard. Your boss may be evaluating your performance on the basis of how efficient you are during your field visits, how punctual you are, whether you deliver products on time, or meet a client on the given location at a given time, and report back to the office without wasting any time. With the tracking app on your mobile device, you will find it a lot harder to deceive your employer and prove yourself disloyal to them.

No More Wastage of Time

Most of the mobile workforce wastes time intentionally in order to avoid an extra load of work. This, however, will have to stop once your movements are tracked by the tracking app installed by your employer on your cell phone. If you think that your boss is not aware of the average time it takes to reach a certain place and get something done, or the amount of traffic that is normally present on the route you take to your office, then you are in for an unpleasant surprise. You will have no choice but to become more efficient, stick to business when away from office during work hours, and basically refrain from doing anything that your boss won’t approve of.

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