The Case for Deploying Monitoring Software on Your Family PC


Unfortunately, the Internet is the home to cyberbullies, stalkers, and online predators who exploit innocent people just to get worldly gains. Unlike adults, kids easily fall into their trap. This is why parents should take solid steps to keep their youngsters safe online. The best way of doing so is by installing monitoring software on the family PC. Let’s find out what these software programs are capable of and how they go about offering online protection.

Protect Kids from Cyberbullying

The sooner you realize how common cyberbullying is on the internet, the better it would be for your kids. Cyberbullying is linked to depression and anxiety among young internet users. You can keep your kids safe from this threat and various other online threats with the help of digital protection tools like monitoring software. They may not pinpoint the cyberbully, but will certainly raise a red flag by highlighting the issue and bringing it to your attention, thus making it easier for you to take action immediately.

Keep Kids Away from Mature Content

Another major reason you must install monitoring software on family PC is the fact that it keeps your kids from watching mature content. These tools take screenshots periodically, giving you a peek of what your youngsters are up to in cyber space. The fear that they may get caught red-handed discourages them from visiting porn websites even when they are alone at home. Some monitoring software also log keystrokes, letting you know the kind of search queries kids are making online.

Monitor Browsing History of Kids

It is very important to keep an eye on everything kids browse online in order to make sure they are not exposed to the harmful material. The tech-savvy kids usually delete their browsing history on the family computer, which makes it difficult for you to know what they really do online. This is why it is strongly recommended that you install monitoring software on the PC as these tools save the browsing history along with the exact time at which the logged websites were accessed. The best part is that it keeps the record safe even if the browser history is wiped clean. Monitoring browsing history all lets you know if your kid has been frequently visiting alarming websites such as those featuring information related to depression, suicide, alcohol, drugs, violence etc. Getting to know about it in time can help you stop your youngster from taking an extreme step.
A monitoring software acts like a shield against the harmful effects of the Internet. It not only makes sure the kids get a great internet experience, but also gives you a peace of mind that they are protected online round the clock.

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