Businesses are Worried about Apple’s Security and Rightly So

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Apple has come under attack by hackers multiple times in the last few months, and this is worrying the companies that have integrated Macs in the workplaces. Apple security was touted to be one of the best and this was one of the main reasons why people opted for these gadgets despite high price tags. However, last twelve months have been pretty hard on Apple as the digital defenses of their devices have been exposed and now businesses are concerned about their security.

What Exactly Happened?

Apple has remained an impenetrable fortress for such a long time that it seems that they let their success get to their heads. They did not improve the security measures as fast as they should have despite being told about the bugs that were waiting to be exploited by the hackers. This led to some hacking incidents and Apple lost its credibility as the most secure platform available. With the higher growth rate, it was inevitable that Apple will become a target for the hackers, but the security measures were not taken. Previously, users ditched Microsoft Windows for Apple Macs because they wanted more security but now things have changed as people now have to think twice before making a transition to iOS.

How Did They Get Hacked?

Apple didn’t have as big a user-base for its iOS as Microsoft has for Windows, which is why hackers usually left them alone. However, as Apple grows increasingly popular and its fan-base is starting to buy each and everything made by the company, they are beginning to appear more enticing to hackers. The tech giant probably didn’t realize that it was another target for the hackers and became a victim. However, being an open source, all the problems that occur within the iOS are fixed in timely and safe manner, but the sense of security that was previous enjoyed by Apple product users seems to have diminished lately.

One of the experts on security weighed in on the situation, advising Apple to always have their security up-to-date.

“Everything is relative and honestly, nothing is safe – or should I say what is safe today could be unsafe tomorrow. We cannot think of safe or unsafe as a state, we need to think of it as a process. Even if at one point OS X was safer, when new research is presented like this it is no longer safe until it is fixed and then we are back to safe again.”

What Options are left for Apple?

Apple can certainly be expected to learn from their mistakes in the past, and make a strong comeback to reclaim its reputation as one of the securest platform in the market. It has made a name for itself by working day in and day out, but to continue prospering, they will need to take better security measures because it is one of the biggest reasons for people to buy Apple products.

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