BlackBerry Partnering With Samsung For Better Android Security

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At the time John Chen became the boss of BlackBerry, the company was in a bad state. If the company was to rise above the hurdles that have repeatedly battered it to its core, it would have to change  few things. John Chen insisted that the focus of the company be applied to a number of areas including services and software. The company is now keeping that strategy a main part of its overall plan and operation. It has made a deal with Samsung which will help in delivering an end-to-end secure solution for mobility to Android by fusing together the Blackberry Enterprise Server 12 (which is their new system for mobile management ability) with the Knox platform of Samsung which will allow smart phone users to safely operate one mobile phone for both professional and personal uses.

What’s The Deal

The deal was announced recently at an event held in San Francisco and might have come across as a little weird for some folks, especially since BlackBerry has been the one company that has consistently remained at the top when it comes to security features and reliability. Now that very company is thinking of shaking hands with the devil i.e. Android. The agreement however suggests that BlackBerry has accepted its position as being a minor player in terms of the sales of smart phones and that the only way to move forward is to get involved in deals with businesses.

The Future Is Now

While this agreement is likely to help BlackBerry earn some money from companies which make use of the Knows/BES 12 system for their business. Meanwhile, Samsung too has the opportunity of improving its position in the market due to the strong reputation BlackBerry has for security. Let’s face it, Android has not been doing the firm any favours when it comes to the hits it possibly takes because of its reputation for attracting malware and hackers.

A Wide Audience

Both companies share customers across regulated verticals which include healthcare, financial services, government, and what not. Basically anyone who needs services that can only be provided through the BES 12 solution, and everything that Knox has to offer. Offerings by both the companies are likely to be available by coming year and will include support for a number of Galaxy tablets and smart phones as stated by Samsung.

This is good news for Android users who are tired of wanting to run for the hills each time a security report comes out for Android. Not only will businesses benefit from this greatly, it also presents an opportunity for the individual user to rethink their security strategy up till now. They will be able to stay more secure with a platform that has the BlackBerry touch, there’s no argument there at all. Let’s wait and see what this collaboration has in store for the two companies. So far since the collaboration is between Samsung and BlackBerry so this isn’t something that every Android user will be able to enjoy. However, if it is fruitful it could result in a larger collaboration much later on. We will just have to wait and see.

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