Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review

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Facing stiff competition from Samsung’s ‘phablet’ smartphones, Apple had little choice than to either go big or go home. The Cupertino giant has finally pulled out the big guns and developed a smart device that has the personality and firepower to take on the likes of Galaxy Note 3. With the iPhone 6 Plus Apple is looking to once again dominate smartphone sales and regain the title of top dog.

Apart from the obvious screen size upgrade there are plenty of other features that can satiate both Apple loyalists and Android users looking to jump ship. Here is what Apple’s crown jewel has to offer in its latest incarnation:


With a name like iPhone 6 Plus smartphones enthusiasts anticipated a brand new design with a larger screen, and that is exactly what they got. The iPhone 6 Plus is a bit on the taller side as proven by its dimensions. The phone is 6.22 inches high and 3.06 inches wide making it approximately an inch taller than the Galaxy Note 3. Considering its sleek dimensions the iPhone 6 Plus boasts an even sleeker waist line. The device weighs a remarkable 172 grams and is only 7.1mm thick.


Apple continues to claim that the optical tech on its devices can give DSLRs a run for their money. With the new device the company has revised both front and rear cameras to allow users to take sharp 1080p videos. Despite the fact that the tech giant continues to use an 8 megapixel shooter compared to what’s currently for sale, the company continues to stress that pixel density has less to do with how good a photograph turns out. Apple emphasized this by introducing optical image stabilization in the iPhone 6 Plus – a technology that shoots images on par with those taken with rival devices. Though the phone shoots with a lower shutter speed when compared with its shorter sibling – the iPhone 6 – the device still delivered images that were crisp. In addition, the camera can now shoot videos in super slow-mo to up to 240fps.

Performance and Battery Life

The iPhone 6 Plus is powered by Apple’s proprietary A8 microprocessor. The second generation 64-bit chip accounts for 20% faster performance thus allowing snappier multitasking.

One noteworthy area where the iPhone 6 Plus proves that it’s superior to its predecessors is battery life. The phone provides significantly more juice than the iPhone 5S clocking in well over 13 hours. The device can easily last for a full day of heavy use (gaming, web browsing, video streaming and GPS).

That being said, the new phone still lacks wireless charging thus requiring the user to hook the device to a lightning cable.


As far as display is concerned, Apple continues to up the ante with every new release. The latest generation of smartphones is no different. The iPhone 6 Plus boasts a 5.5 inch IPS LCD that is clearly visible on a sunny day. The display settings do not require any contrast even when the screen is viewed from a tilted angle. The 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution makes the display on the iPhone 6 Plus a treat for the eyes and is ideal for watching HD content.

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